Pet Memorials

Leaving a memorial for your pet can be a very helpful and positive thing to do.

Leaving a memorial for your pet can be a helpful and positive thing to do. It can help by providing something to focus your grief onto, by sharing the pain and grief of pet loss with others, and by providing a reassuring lasting memory.

For every pet memorial we receive, we will donate £2 to the Blue Cross to help sick, injured and homeless pets.

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The most heartbreaking decision I think we ever had to make, my best friend in the world, there are no words to describe how much you mean to us and always will. We will love you forever and eternity, and remember how much joy you brought to everyone's lives through good and bad times, you truly were 1 in a million and il never ever forget you. You gave us the best 10 years we could have ever wished for. You're free from pain now which is bittersweet but we are so heartbroken. Run free over that rainbow bridge Alfie we love you forever
We will all miss you our little nervous Norris. Thank you for bringing us 8 years of happiness, and being such a brilliant husbun to Jasmine. Sleep tight x


14.11.06 - 22.04.19

Read Bonnie's memorial

To my beautiful Golden Girl Bonnie, I miss you so much bonnie boo, you are now free to play ball on the beach with Taffy, Katy, JJ and Ben, you have left the biggest golden paw print on my heart that no one will ever match. You licked my tears away when Sam was in Afghan but I will let them fall today because you are not with me. I love you today, tomorrow and forever xxxx
Bramble, such a fun loving dog that was always there for me. I spent 10 lovely years with her and they were filled with laughter, happiness and tears. I will remember all of the fun moments we had together. Truly a man's best friend. Love you Bramble.
My sweet angel Charlie, oh how much I loved you and how much I will miss you forever, you was such a good boy and didn?t deserve such a short life, I hope you died happy baby, I know you loved me like I loved you my beautiful boy ??
Our beautifully and glorious grumpy cat Chowmein sent to go and play with his forebears today. Gorgeous memories of Christmas Tree foraging, domination of all dogs, visitor to many houses and the bringer of untold gifts. Lots of love and sleep well our little darling
My little piggy Cinnamon, you were always full of character & always there for a cuddle when I needed one. You got me through so much & you will never be forgotten. In my heart forever, sleep well.

Daisy & Dandelion

2013/2014 - 2018

Read Daisy & Dandelion's memorial

I will always love you, you both were my best little friends and I will never forget how much you've done for me, I only had you 2 years, but they were the best years of my life! You both were the best Guinea pigs in the world, much love Lizzy, Bob, Barnabas, and me, rest in peace goodnight my lovely girls XX You were and still are the best girls in the world, mummy loves you SO SO SO much good night XXX

Daisy Kate Arnold

2014 - 2018

Read Daisy Kate Arnold's memorial

My precious girl I love you so much you were always the for me when I was low mummy loves you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Miss you so much. You are my best friend, my shadow. You are out of pain and running free over the rainbow bridge. Everyday ill wait till i can cuddle you again
Domino you are missed everyday by your mum and dad. You and your love will go on until we see you again. Sleep tight in a little ball. We miss you and you will never ever be forgotten, youwere such a brave kitty.To me, you will always be my kitty monster.Love Mum J and Dad D xx


2012 - 26.04.19

Read Faith's memorial

Our beautiful princess was a rescue from the blue cross she started life in the worst way possible and we were able to give her a forever home. The last 4 years have been nothing but amazing with you Faith you have left a huge hole in our hearts and we will always love you princess. I hope you know how much we loved you and how much we miss you and your little personality. Thank you for being the best valentines day gift I will ever receive sleep well beautiful girl until we meet again ?? love mummy, daddy, mama chele, uncle David and your furry babies Wizard and Magic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


06.15 - 30.04.19

Read Floyd's memorial

I can't get over what has happened, it all happened so quickly :( I really wish we had more time together, But I will always cherish the 3 years and 11 months we had together. I'm so glad I was with you to cuddle and kiss you goodnight, I'll forever love you Floyd. Gone but NOT forgotten, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT STILL, MY BEST MATE, I AM LOST WITHOUT YOU, BIG FLOYD. LOVE YOU, I JUST WANT U BACK. AH Floydy ( My Mate )Im Lost NOT just for words but for walks too, LOVE U 4EVER MATE, u will BE SADLY MISSED, SUCH A MASSIVE LOSS 4 SUCH A SHORT LIFE. LOVE MUM DAD, Emma, Penny, Lottie, Beth, Michael.Peter.R.I.P FLOYD. I cannot believe that this has happened to you Floyd, you have gone far too soon :( I am so lucky to have gotten the time to give you hugs and kisses before you sadly left usI want you to know that i will always miss and love you!Lots of love xxxx



Read Lightning's memorial

Miss you sweetheart more than any words can say. god bless you and rest in peace darling until we meet again.Sleep tight and sweet dreams XXXXXXX

Lily Greatrex


Read Lily; memorial

Our beautiful girl came in to our lives after we rescued her, she made us a family...we love you so much Lilly. If our love for you was a snow flake we would give you a blizzard see you again baby girl xx



Read Marshall; memorial

My lovely marshmallow I miss you and love you Miss you Love Chris



Read Meg; memorial

She was love dog and missed



Read Mia; memorial

Mia no words can describe how I feel today letting you go was the hardest thing to do. I know it was the best thing to do. Now free of pain go run with the angels I'm sure you'll find someone to lick and cuddle upto. Sleep tight baby girl always love you xxxxx


January 2014-29.03.2019

Read Molly; memorial

Good-bye Molly. You will be always in our hearts. xxx

Molly Woor


Read Molly Woor; memorial

We have lost the littlest member of our tribe, Molly. She was a best friend and companion to all of us and we will miss her so so much. Thank you for the happiness you brought into our lives. RIP Molly our much loved hairy sister/daughter xxxxx



Read Nando; memorial

Until we meet again, our sweet boy Nando .Always wagging your tail.... cross over rainbow bridge and run free with all the other doggies .No more pain Nando . We will love you forever



Read Pepsi; memorial

R.i.p. Pepsi you are loved by family and friends hope you happy over rainbow bridge and you're seeing kiwi bowser zippy Keira Greg love you Pepsi and miss you



Read Novac; memorial

When you first came to me wee chook you were struggling and so was I. So we struggled together. Now it looks like I'll be struggling alone. I'm so thankful to have been able to give you a home and love. My heart is broken but it is for the best. Rest easy my little fur baby. I love you always. Night night xxxxxxx



Read Royce; memorial

Fly high my little man. Thank you for giving us so much ... you?ll be very much missed but always safe in our hearts. Just wish I can snuggle you one last time, Good night Roycie Xxx



Read Sam; memorial

holding you while you took your last breath was so hard, but I am glad you died in your mams arms, embraced in love. You were everything to us, and my heart aches without you. I will never forget the joy you brought to all of our lives. The sun will never be the same without you old boy. Love you forever Sam.


October 2005-16.02.2019

Read Sasha; memorial

You were family Sasha. You will be missed so much and loved a great deal. I'm glad your free from pain and I'm glad I was with you until the end. RIP


October 2005-16.02.2019

Read Skye; memorial

My sweet skye. You were the most gentle and loving cat I?ve ever met. You only had 3 years of life, but we made sure you always felt loved and safe. You were too precious for this world. Sleep tight angel. Love you x


September 2017-10.06.2019

Read Sonny ; memorial

Our precious little Sonny gone much too soon. We're heartbroken and missing you so much. We'd give anything to have you back Sonny. You brightened up our lives in so many ways with your neverending cuddles and funny little antics. You were such a joy. Thank you being in our lives Sonny, you meant the world to us. Willow your sister is lost without you as you were so affectionate and loving to her and everyone you met. We love you millions gorgeous boy. You will forever be in our hearts xxxxxxxxThank you so much to the very kind soul(s) who took Sonny to Vets4pets so we could say goodbye to our gorgeous boy after he had an RTA, we are so grateful we could do this.



Read Tiger ; memorial

Rest in peace tiger darling and god bless. Miss you every second of the day. Sleep tight sweetheart xxxxxxx

Miss you so much tiger. You was a very special cat that was with us nearly 20 years. Rest in peace sweetheart and god bless you darling. We loved you more than any words can say and will never forget you. You are not suffering now and at peace, sleep tight,sweet dreams,take care until we meet again at the rainbow bridge. Love and miss you always xxxxxxx

God bless you tiger and rest in peace, you was the best cat ever.

Rest in peace sweetheart and god bless you darling.Love you to bits baby and miss you so much.Sleep tight and sweet dreams.xxxxxxx



Read Tiger ; memorial

Rest in peace tiger and god bless you sweetheart. Miss you so much darling. You was the most beautiful cat in the world and we will never forget you baby. Sleep tight and sweet dreams.xxxxxxx



Read Tiger ; memorial

Its been nearly 12 weeks since you left us but it seems like yesterday. Rest in peace sweetheart and god bless you darling.Sleep tight and sweet dreams baby.xxxxxxx


November 2004-13.05.2019

Read Sunny ; memorial

This has had to be the hardest goodbyes I have ever had to do... You were part of the family for 15 years and I could never have asked for a better bestfriend. All the memories that we have, I will cherish them. I hope that the 15 years you spent with us have filled your heart with as much love as you filled ours. You had a right character, you always had to be the centre of attention and would relentlessly drive us mad until we gave in and smothered you with love...The house will be ever so quiet without you, there will be an empty void that no one but you could replace... you knew exactly how to keep everyone on their feet and happy. Gooodnight and sweetdreams Sunny, I love you. Rest in peace xxx



Read Willow ; memorial

You weren't just a dog, you were family. An excited, playful, determined spirit full of love and affection. A piece of us is now missing. Our hearts are broken. There wasn't a day you didnt brighten with your charm, smile and waggly tail. Where you rested, your photograph now sits, along with a candle, and we ache for you to be with us again. Your eyes told a thousand stories and you touched so many along the way. You were always full of wonder at the world, and you loved exploring, running, chasing sticks, paddling but not swimming x Most of all you loved our company, and we loved yours. We will forever miss you. Sleep well darling girl. But run free too. You have most definitely left your paw prints on our hearts.



Read Tommy ; memorial

I can't believe we had to say goodbye to our precious lil tom tom, you were my first cat and I will treasure the memories of our seven years together :( even though this hurts so much I am glad you will be able to see sindy again and you will no longer be in pain. The whole family will miss you so much, you are so loved and it will never be the same without you <3 you meant the world to all of us <3 xxxx



Read Sooty ; memorial

Sooty, you came into our lives so long ago, we loved you so much for the past 10 years.Now your on longer in pain,But will always miss you, sleep well in Gods garden.



Read Thorin ; memorial

My chubby little Thorin, you were such a comfort to me in times of need. You had such a lovely long life for a gerbil, but now you can finally see your brother again. Sleep soundly, little one xxx



Read Zizi ; memorial

Had to say goodbye too soon. We'll miss you so much and you'll always be in our hearts. Much love to you Princess



Read Zizi ; memorial

Had to say goodbye too soon. We'll miss you so much and you'll always be in our hearts. Much love to you Princess



Read Terry ; memorial

You were our most vocal, loving, beautiful boy we ever had! You brought great joy to our family and we will miss you dreadfully. RIP Terry the Puss, sleep tight x

Taco Hancock


Read Taco Hancock ; memorial

Words can never express how much you meant to us Taco. I will miss you for all of eternity. You will never, ever be forgotten. Sleep tight my little bear. A star in heaven will shine brighter always. All my love.



Read Rocky ; memorial

We miss you so much already. Now your free of pain and with the doggy angels. We love you so much Rocky. In our hearts and thoughts for ever x

Winston Bedlam Smith


Read Winston Bedlam Smith ; memorial

Winston Bedlam Smith theres only one word to describe our dog and that's a Legend. Our beautiful boy passed away in the comfort of his own home on the 14th April. I can honestly say you have left a massive hole in alot of peoples heart's especially myself, Benny & Darrin.You wasnt just a dog you was our best friend and you touched alot of people around the town of Halesowen and was well loved by alot of people.Our boy...we will miss you so much and you will never be forgotten and always be apart of us all. Goodnight Winston Bear. Goodnight Winston Pig. We love you xxx

Winston Bedlam Smith


Read Winston Bedlam Smith ; memorial

Love you Winston Bear/ Pig xx



Read Missy ; memorial

Sleep Tight our lovely Missy Moo Moo. I hope wherever you are you are at peace and we will see you again someday. Missed and loved always. X



Read Nibbles ; memorial

We miss you dearly nibbles, your brother munch will miss you terribly. Rest in peace my gorgeous boy, we couldn't of asked for a better companion and I'm so happy we chose you and to helped you come out of your shell and gave you a good life, RIP we love you forever

Nibbles Ridgewell


Read Nibbles Ridgewell ; memorial

Rest in peace to my beautiful little girl Nibbles who passed away in her mummy and daddy's arms this morning. We miss you so much and so does your brother. I love you so much, there will never be another little nibs.



Read Tinky ; memorial

Our beautiful tinky Bella ... thankyou for staying so long and loving us so much ... fiercely loyal til the end .. have the longest most peaceful sleep now .. you deserve to rest . Nothing will ever fill the hole left behind ... until we meet again my Bella boufas....



Read Tinky ; memorial

You're going to be missed more than you'll ever know, love you always Bella xxxxxx



Read Milly ; memorial

Our beautiful Milly you left a paw print in our Hearts



Read Shadow ; memorial

My beautiful Shadow Forever my baby girl and forever in my heart

Max Jeffrey


Read Max Jeffrey ; memorial

My wee budgie was put down due to a abdominal tumour loved him so much been so heartbroken rip my wee boy will never ever be forgotten waking up and looking at your cage known your not there hurts me every single day no other budgie will replace you my boy I miss cleaning your cage giving your food and water and all the times you were out your cage running about mad you'll never be forgotten x



Read Shadow ; memorial

To my beloved friend shay ,I never had the chance to thank you for being there for me . You were the only companion that a girl like me could of wished for . You always made me feel so much better after having a bad day . You were always there to cuddle up to me when we slept , and left trails of fur everywhere. You loved the out doors and bringing all sorts of creatures inside the house . You would always descover new and intriguing places to sleep . I?m so thankful that we had found you , and hopefully you can rest in peace . You will be missed dearly. Thank you xxx



Read Lightning ; memorial

Miss you so much lightning darling and we will never ever forget you. We had you with us for nearly 18 years and loved you dearly as you was such a special cat. Rest in peace sweetheart and god bless you baby. You are no longer suffering now,sleep tight,sweet dreams and take care until we meet at the rainbow bridge xxxxxxx



Read Lightning ; memorial

God bless you lightning and god bless you sweetheart. Sleep tight darling and sweet dreams baby. You was the best cat ever. xxxxxxxx



Read Lightning ; memorial

Miss you so much sweetheart and love you to bits.Rest in peace darling and god bless you baby. Sleep tight and sweet dreams baby.xxxxxxx

Rocky Gray


Read Rocky Gray ; memorial

Rocky passed peacefully at home surrounded by family but it was his time and is no longer in pain our hearts are aching and we can barely breathe. I waited my whole life to get you and then you became my whole life, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog and you give us so much and more we could not have asked for more from you. From that moment we got you and right until the end you never stopped wagging that tail !!Goodnight my precious boy, my best friend, and most handsome gentlemen, thank you for the almost 12 glorious years you let us be part of your wonderful life. We hold you close within our hearts, and there you shall remain, to walk with us throughout our lives until we meet again so rest in peace dear Rocky and thanks for all you've done we pray that god has given you the crown you've truly won



Read Henley ; memorial

Miss you so much Henley, you were an amazing boy. Love you xxx



Read Ruby ; memorial

We had to make the most heartbreaking decision today to put our wonderfully amazing princess Diva 13year puppy Ruby to sleep after an illness😢 go and be free my angel 🌈. You have left 🐾 on our❤️ forever 😪💔 #missyou #love #RIP #rainbowbridge 🐶

Fudge Thompson


Read Fudge Thompson ; memorial

Fudge you were my boy i will never stop missing you one day we will be together again



Read Skittles ; memorial

Best cat we could ever ask for. Most gentle loving cat, everyone who knew you loved you and you’ll be missing terribly. Love you always.



Read Gadget ; memorial

Goodnight to our beautiful big lazy oaf Gadget. You have left a giant size hole in our hearts we all loved you so much. Thank you to Angela for making his last moments calm and dignified.



Read Smeagol ; memorial

Smeagol was the best friend and companion we could have wished for. We were so lucky and blessed to have had such a special boy in our lives . We love and miss you forever Smeagol , The De Sykes family xx



Read Buster ; memorial

Buster go run free jump in ponds and be pain free you was George’s best friend and you can now go and be with your rainbow 🌈 family



Read Rex ; memorial

I will always love you my special little boy. I'll always miss you, and your little squeaks.



Read Smudge ; memorial

Can’t believe you’ve gone , missing you loads , bye smoo



Read Dobby ; memorial

RIP my little dobby ❤️ going to miss you sitting on your little chair in the kitchen and never leaving us alone until you got cat milk. Sleep tight little one x



Read Elvis ; memorial

Elvis - it was fate. We found you in the road at death's door seven years ago, having been knocked down by a car. The vet fixed you up and you came to live with us. You were a skinny and scared cat when we met and you blossomed into a gorgeous healthy boy who loved his food! You gave us seven years of happiness and you enjoyed every second of your 'borrowed time'. We lost you so suddenly and it was such a shock, but we know you didn't suffer and that your time with us was precious. We're going to miss you so much. Elvis has left the building. Goodnight and sweet dreams lovely boy.



Read Lulu ; memorial

Sleep well up there lulu, i love you always❤️



Read Mandoo ; memorial

Thank you for many years of happiness my little fur baby. Until we meet again my baby boy. Mummy loves you xxxx



Read Jinsy ; memorial

My little fuzz ball - Alpha will miss you almost as much as me. If there were a place afterwards at least you’d be with Crookshanks now, but I’ll miss you forever and I’m sorry I wasn’t there.



Read Rocky ; memorial

Cross over the Rainbow Bridge and Binky high

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