Where can you find the right pet for you?

So, you’re ready to welcome a pet into the family and you’ve decided on the type…

With so many pets for sale or in adoption centres, where do you start? And how do you know that your pet is coming from a source where they’ve been taken care of properly, with their welfare as top priority?

It’s so important to set off on the right foot when it comes to pet ownership. Let’s take a look at the options…

Adoption centres

Whether your new pal is going to be a puppy or an older dog, you could very well find your next furry friend through an animal welfare charity. Many of these will have assessed their dogs in different situations and will be able to give you a good idea of their character and suitability to your lifestyle.

There’s also the advantage that, if you aren’t after a puppy, you’ll have a better idea of the adult size and build of your future buddy if you adopt an older one!

Private dog breeders

If you’ve got a specific type and breed of pet in mind, a private breeder could be the way forward.

Pedigree puppy breeders can be found through breed societies, through the Kennel Club, and through word of mouth – your veterinary practice or local dog-training club may know about litters becoming available.

It’s really important that you find out as much as you can about the breeder and their dogs. How do you know when you contact or visit a breeder that they are genuine and have their dogs’ welfare as their top priority? Take a look here to find out how to choose the best breeder for your puppy.

Rehoming dogs from abroad

Adoption of dogs from countries where animal welfare is poor has become popular. If you’re considering this option, it’s vital to do your research thoroughly – both about the organisation and about the dog’s background. Some of these dogs are used to living on the streets and may find it difficult to adapt to life here. They may also have been affected by diseases that aren’t common in this country and require ongoing care.

Ask what ongoing support the organisation can provide once your dog has arrived. Not all organisations are able to help with this and, worse still, while some are genuine, others aren’t quite as squeaky-clean as they seem, even importing dogs with falsified passports.

Where can you find cats or kittens?

If you’re thinking of getting a kitten or cat, private breeders can be found through cat breed clubs, but animal welfare charities also have beautiful pedigree and mixed-breed cats and kittens all hoping for their forever families. A good adoption centre will also be able to provide you with sound advice and support to ensure that your life together gets off to a flying start.

Many people get cats or kittens through word of mouth or through adverts. If you decide to rehome or buy your cat from someone directly, check out our advice about some important questions you’ll want to ask.

What about small furries?

Animal welfare charities don’t just find families for dogs and cats – many also take care of small pets until the right home can be found for them.

Support Adoption for Pets take in and rehome a wide range of small furries, in addition to providing financial support to other pet welfare organisations throughout the UK. You can find them in many Pets at Home stores.

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