Why do people get pets?

As a nation, we just love pets! In 2019, an estimated 12 million UK households included at least one pet – that’s a whopping 40% of households!

Pets certainly make life complete, but what makes us choose the pets we do? Where do we get them from, and why does it sometimes go wrong and lead to having to rehome the pet? Let’s take a closer look…

Someone to love

To nurture and to love is built into us and, for many people, a pet fulfils the role of something to be taken care of.

Whether it’s raising a new puppy or kitten to become a big part of the family, or providing an underwater paradise for aquatic pets, we get a great feeling just from knowing we are providing the best we can for our furry, feathery or scaly friends.

Good companions

Pets provide unconditional friendship and loyalty. For some people, a pet may be the only companion in the home. Some pets may be less interactive, but can still provide hours of pleasure for their owners – who couldn’t find it relaxing to gaze at a sparkling shoal of tropical fish?

Many families want their children to grow up with a pet dog who can be their playmate, or to have some friendly guinea pigs to love and take care of. Pets can even become the sole focus of their humans, in a similar way to the role filled by a child – the term ‘fur baby’ recently became included in the Oxford English Dictionary!

A lifestyle choice!

Lots of us choose a pet who complements our lifestyle. Whether it’s an elegant cat, waiting to climb onto your lap when you get home from work, or a lively young dog who enjoys accompanying you on long, weekend hikes, there’s a pet to suit everyone!

A pet can help their human to make a whole new network of friends with similar interests. You’ll find that you’ll soon make ‘dog-walking buddies’, once you and your pup become regulars at the local park. And once you get involved in keeping small furries, the online community of fellow pocket pet fans can be a great place to share photos and stories about your little guys.

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