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Winning This Football Season

Sun, sport and family – for many, the perfect combination!

Making sure all of the family enjoy sporting events such as football is important, especially as our dog friends can be at risk from anxiety, overindulgence and overheating in the midst of all the excitement. Following a few simple tips will make sure your dog is happy and healthy this summer!

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The hot weather gets everybody out, but try running around the park in a fur coat! Our dogs can quickly overheat, which can lead to potentially fatal heatstroke. Have regular, shady rest breaks, offer cool water to drink, and keep an eye out for any abnormal signs.

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While you may be the life and soul of the party, some dogs can suffer from anxiety in bigger groups or unfamiliar situations. While some dogs love the fuss, if you have a quieter dog, make sure they have a place to escape to for some well-deserved peace!

If your dog suffers with anxiety, don’t forget your local Vets4Pets vet can help!

Many dogs adore balls, and they are a fantastic way to keep your dog fighting fit. Keep balls to a size that fit comfortably in your dog’s mouth though, and stick to one toy at a time. Chewers should be discouraged, as swallowed pieces of balls can require a trip to the vets for surgery. If your dog doesn’t like to give balls or toys back, training is a brilliant way to bond and spend time with your dog, so if you have got a chewer, this could be a great summer goal!

While slipping your dog the occasional safe treat is something most of us are guilty of, it’s important to know what is and isn’t good for our pups. High fat foods, like BBQ leftovers, may be linked to pancreatitis – a painful condition that can result in hospitalisation. Other common summer indulgences, such as grapes, chocolate and alcohol, are also poisonous to dogs.

Have a look at our poison's page for some food no-no’s for dogs here.

Balls disappearing into the long grass or trees are a common sight in parks and woodlands across the UK in summer, especially when the football season is in full swing! Having a dog who can retrieve lost balls is great, but just be aware that these kinds of habitats can also house nasties like ticks.

Thankfully, getting tick protection from your local vet is simple, and if your dog is on a Complete Care Health Plan, it’s already included!

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