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Now you can use WhatsApp to chat to a member of our team at a time that is convenient for you. You can order products such as flea & worm treatment, request appointments and easily order and pay for treatments or repeat prescriptions. Just save our phone number in your contacts: 07360497221


Meet the team

Sonia Stoddart


Practice Owner & Veterinary Surgeon


Read Sonia bio

Unlike a lot of vets, I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to be a vet and only realised it was the career for me until much later. I grew up in Minnesota in America and worked two jobs growing up: on a farm and in a little privately owned coffee shop. While the farm taught me a lot about the importance of hard work, I will never forget how much I loved getting to know all the regulars at the coffee shop. I graduated from high school and needed to quit these jobs to start my first degree, but never forgot what they taught me.

I moved to Wisconsin to study neurobiology at UW Madison. It was here I met my now husband and our beloved moggie, Lupita, which means little wolf. I graduated there with a first then we three moved to Los Angeles where I worked in a lab studying children’s leukaemia. The work here was so important but I felt very disconnected to the patients I was helping. I thought back to the coffee shop where I got to know everyone that came in and I thought of how much I loved my little wolf. I also thought about how I needed to see the effects my hard work was helping my patients. I decided then I would become a vet.

We three then moved to Edinburgh where I studied at the beautiful Dick Vet. I was in one of the last classes to get to go through Summerhall, and one of the first classes to get to go to the new campus in Roslin. I qualified in 2013 and bought this Corstorphine branch in late 2017. So far, I’m so happy to be here. As I had hoped when going to vet school, my favourite part of being in general practice is meeting new clients and their pets, and I so look forward to getting to know everyone that comes into my room.  I have never worked anywhere with such a kind community and feel lucky everyday by how lovely all of our clients are.

        I have a special interest in the heart and cardiovascular system and am working toward a certificate in small animal cardiology.  Outside of work I’m mad about cycling, books, flowers, camping and plants.  Unfortunately, my little wolf couldn’t live forever, but she has since been succeeded by the current moggie queen of my world, Phoebe.

Margherita Boasso Corstorphine


Veterinary Surgeon

Read Margherita bio

I am Margherita and I‘ve permanently joined Corstorphine’s team since September 2017.
I had been here few months before as a locum vet, when I had just moved from Italy, but people have been so welcoming and supportive that I decided to start a new chapter of career and life here in Edinburgh.
I graduated in 2015 and since then I have practiced with small animals, who I really love. My major interests are internal medicine, anaesthesia and analgesia, but I like being a GP as well. In fact, I recently obtained a post graduate certification in small animal medicine.
The thing I prefer the most about my job is being part of pets’ life and be there when they really need. I always try to help them and owners as best as I can and I feel that my role can have a very important impact in their wellbeing, that’s why I think it’s “special”.
In my free time I like seeing friends and family, I do enjoy travelling and spending time in nature and expressing my creativity with DIY projects. Most of all, I love my two cats Meeko and Freya, who I spoil as much as possible (and they make sure to take full advantage of it).



Veterinary Surgeon

Read Vicky bio

I have been lucky enough to have been part of the Vets for Pets Corstorphine team since 2020. In the past I have worked as a VCA, vet nurse, and believe it or not, I also have a degree in costume design. I decided to leave the entertainment industry to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian, receiving my BSc with a specialist in health and disease from the University of Toronto and my BVM&S from the R(D)SVS in Edinburgh.

I have a keen interest surgery and am in the midst of completing additional training for a certificate in soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. I also have love for exotics and small furries. When I’m not working on building my veterinary skills you can find me out for a jog with the fam or lazing about with my tuxedo cat Tag. 

Rory Corstorphine


Veterinary Surgeon

Read Rory bio

Hello, I’m Rory. I first came to Corstorphine in 2019 as a vet student. Everyone was so lovely and supportive that I decided to do the majority of my University placements here, before joining the team as a fully qualified vet in July 2021!

Growing up in Edinburgh, I didn’t have any pets of my own and didn’t get to spend much time with animals. Due to this, I started volunteering at the city farm and local animal sanctuaries from a young age. This peaked my interest in caring for animals and more specifically for veterinary medicine. Since then I have found my main interests lie in small animal practice. I’m interested in all aspects of GP vet life and very much enjoy meeting all our feline, canine and other small furry patients!

Last year I finally brought home my very own pet, my lovely British Shorthair cat, Angus. Outside of work I enjoy running, cooking and making the most of everything Edinburgh has to offer.

I’m so proud to work for the Corstorphine team and to keep up the excellent standard of care we have, for all our lovely patients.

Anna Escribano


Veterinary Surgeon

Read Anna bio

Hello, I’m Anna.
I joined the team at Corstorphine in March 2022 and I have been enjoying the lovely team and high standard medical care I found here ever since.
I graduated from the University of Barcelona in 2011 and moved to the UK shorty after. After a few months of volunteering at the PDSA in Edinburgh I moved to England for a couple of years to work in first opinion there. I found myself missing Scotland so I finally came back to stay! I have since married and started my own family, now completed with Django the cat and my young son.
I love all aspects of first opinion veterinary medicine and particularly enjoy internal medicine, and cats most of all! I have, in fact, just started to develop my skills further by working on a Feline Medicine post graduate certification.
I am looking forward to meeting you and your pets.

red photo for judith


Veterinary Surgeon

Read Judith bio

Hi, I'm Judith! Having qualified from RVC in 2017, I have had a number of jobs in various parts of the UK ranging from small animal practice to exporting animal products to the EU- but I have always made my way back to Edinburgh and small animals in the end!

Originally I wanted to go down the equine route as I worked as a riding instructor previously, but instead I ended up in small animal practice and get to enjoy horses outside of work (and get to stay dry indoors!). I am owned by a warmblood gelding called Red who is equal parts grumpy old man and 4 year old child- we seem to complement each other.

As a general practice vet with an interest in behaviour, I get a sense of achievement if I am able to "befriend" and reduce the stress of animals (especially cats) that are nervous or not terribly impressed about coming to the vets.

Charley McNeill Corstorphine


Veterinary Care Assistant

Read Charley bio

Hi, I’m Charley and I have just hit my 5 year anniversary at Vets4Pets Corstorphine!
In this time you may have seen me as receptionist, VCA, Practice Manager and now back to VCA. Hopefully heading to Veterinary Student Nurse this September!
I previously worked for the SSPCA as an Animal Care Assistant and I spent 4 years working with Horses before that.
The care of animals is definitely my passion in life and I am so happy to continue it here with the best team ever.
In my spare time I love going on walks, painting and spending time with the lovely people in my life.

Stacey Photo


Head Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Stacey bio

"Hi, I’m Stacey the Head Registered Veterinary Nurse here at Corstorphine Vets for Pets! I am originally from Sunny Blackpool and qualified as a veterinary nurse in January 2017. Shortly after qualifying I headed “Down Under” and worked as a veterinary nurse in Australia where I came across a variety of interesting cases and patients. I then volunteered in Southeast Asia and finally came back to the UK, where I worked in a variety of clinics- so have seen quite varied cases as well as different cultural approaches to veterinary care! I finally found my way up to Scotland, where I was initially only meant to locum (in 2018!), but fell so in love with our clinic, Edinburgh and Corstorphine that I’ve decided to make Scotland my home. Since Joining the Corstorphine team I have achieved the ISFM certificate in feline nursing as well as a nurse merit award in anaesthesia and emergency and critical care.

I have had several different careers but feel I have finally found my vocation in life. I love that every day as a vet nurse is different! I also am extremely grateful for getting to help all our lovely patients. You may hear me singing to our patients from time to time as I feel this helps to calm them down-although the rest of the team are not quite as appreciative.

I have my own anxious but awesome rescue dog named Bandit and couldn’t imagine life without him. He can be a very vocal guy and doesn’t like being approached by strangers. I feel having my own nervous dog has helped me have a greater understanding about behaviour and anxiety in our patients. In my spare time I enjoy going for hikes in the Pentlands with Bandit and then coming home to snuggle on the sofa with him."



Senior Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Susanne bio

Hi, I’m Susanne. I joined Vets for Pets Corstorphine to train as a Nurse in February 2018 and haven’t left yet! I’ve since worked my way up to senior registered veterinary nurse, a title of which I am very proud. I adore the amazing team here in Corstorphine . I have recently successfully completed my Nurse Merit Award in anaesthesia and emergency and critical care. I love all aspects of my job especially consulting and meeting all our lovely owners. Additionally, I love mentoring nursing students so you’ll always find me teaching!

Growing up I always knew I wanted to help people AND animals. I studied for my degree in human nursing where I worked for 20 plus years but eventually realised in my 40s my real calling was helping animals. I then decided to retrain as an animal nurse.

I have two adorable rescue dogs Charlie and Daisy- though I’m always bringing home animals that need a bit of fostering. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family, baking, wild water swimming and walking the dogs.

Danielle Mannion Corstorphine


Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Danielle bio

Hi, I’m Danielle! I joined the Corstorphine team in 2017 as a Veterinary Care Assistant and have since completed my training and qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2021.
This is my dream job and having always had a love for animals I knew that I wanted to work with them from a very young ago. During my training I have developed a passion for exotics nursing of small mammals and anaesthesia.
In my spare time I can be found snuggling on the couch with my Labrador Retriever Raven. I also have 2 rabbits Frankie and Pumpkin, it is in adopting them I found my love for exotic nursing and care. I also enjoy reading books and playing video games on my days off.

Nina Picture


Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Nina bio

Hi, I’m Nina. I joined the Corstorphine team in January 2021 initially as a Student Veterinary Nurse. Since then, I qualified from Edinburgh Napier in July 2023 and have been working as a Registered Veterinary Nurse. I particularly enjoy the inpatient and consulting role within veterinary nursing, and love to nurse our small mammal exotic patients.

I have a tiny dog named Bea who I would describe as a speedy couch potato – she loves to sleep but also likes to run around and go on adventures! As well as spending time with Bea, I like to read, bake, and play the harp in my spare time.

Afton Corstorphine


Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Afton bio

Hi! My name is Afton and I joined the Corstorphine team in December 2018 as Client Care Advisor. From here, I moved through the ranks as first a veterinary care assistant, then a student veterinary nurse and now I’m a fully qualified registered veterinary nurse!
I have always been an avid animal lover from a very young age and grew up with both dogs and hamsters as well as the more unusual hawks, bearded dragons and even a piranha!! However when I turned 18 I bought my very first pet in my name, my little bunny Fiver from Corstorphine, where I had his health check and vaccs. Little did I know I would be working for this dedicated team 6 years later!!
In my spare time I am an avid bookworm, but I mostly spend my spare time hanging out with my cats Toothless and Newt, my snake Morpheus, and my dog Delphi!

Alice Corstorphine


Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Alice bio

Hello, I’m Alice. I’m a registered veterinary nurse with the Corstorphine team.
I have always had a love for all animals, and it has been extremely rewarding working in the veterinary field.
I am a huge cat lover and have grown up with cats in my family my entire life. I have a beautiful three-legged tabby cat called Ray. He is always up to something!
I love looking after our amazing patients and meeting their owners.

Cara Picture


Practice Administrator

Read Cara bio

I’ve always had a love for animals which started with a fascination for catching ladybugs in my garden and then accidentally letting them loose in the house.

I went on to get my BSc in Animal Biology and always wanted to find a job where I could help in some way with animals and I love being able to do so at the vets! Meeting everyone’s beloved pets is the highlight of my day.

The only pet I have space for in my tiny home right now is my corn snake but have plans to expand the family with a furry creature ASAP.

jen & alfie 1


Client Services Manager

Read Jen bio

Before working at Vets4Pets I have previously worked in retail and security at events, and have a degree in Events Management. I also volunteer with an animal welfare charity when I have time.

Working front of house at Vets4Pets is great as I get to meet clients with their adorable pets and hear all of their stories.

Outside of work, I am either at a gig or spending time with my cats, Alfie & Salem.

holly photo


Client Care Advisor

Read Holly bio

I’m a Client Care Advisor here at Corstorphine joining the team in March 2023. I was previously a nursery assistant at a busy nursery in Edinburgh while I completed my HNC in childhood practice however I decided to follow my dream of working with animals, hopefully progressing to veterinary nursing in the future. In my spare time I enjoy horse riding, cooking and spending time with my Corgi Yuri and my 2 cats Peanut and Jellybean!



Surgery Cleaner

Read Rebecca bio

Hey, my name is Rebecca. I am 25 years old and I am vets for pets surgery cleaner.

I've worked in hotels and I was a nail technician before working here. I was looking for something different to do and found this job, which I absolutely love and would not go back to anything else.

I am looking for a new career path, since working here I am now looking into becoming an RVN :)

I’m a mummy to a gorgeous 4 year old little boy :) I also have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Vinni and my girl Elvis is a Maine Coon.

We all love going on big walks together :)

At Vets for Pets Corstorphine we are committed to giving your pets the very best care. From the gentle touch of our expert vets and nurses, through to the supporting role of our non-clinical team, we are all passionate about pet welfare, devoted to our work, and strive continually to make your time with us as positive and stress-free as possible. We are lucky in the veterinary community to have 30 minute consults as standard for all appointments so we will have ample time to address any of your concerns.

We are accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, so you can be confident that our practice consistently works to the highest of standards. The practice is fully equipped with 3 consultation rooms, an operating theatre, separate cat, dog and isolation wards, a laboratory, pharmacy, digital x-ray, ultrasound, dental radiography and dental machine. For convenience our practice also has on-site parking. We are proud to have a large, experienced team that includes six vets, seven veterinary nurses and four additional support staff.

We are proud to have served Corstorphine and the surrounding areas since 2013 (though many drive quite a bit farther than this!). We are continually touched by the kindness of our clients and are grateful to be a part of this community.

We are currently accepting new patients and look forward to meeting you and your pets!



  • Emergency cover
    Even if we are closed, we have your pet covered.
  • Open 7 Days a Week
    We are open 7 days a week.
  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture has evolved from the ancient art of placing needles into particular locations on the body in order to alleviate pain, improve recovery rates and increase resistance to disease. It has been practised by the Chinese and other Eastern cultures for thousands of years and may be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses in people and animals.
  • Anaesthesia
    General anaesthetic enables us to perform many procedures kindly and safely for your pet.

Show more services

  • Bereavement Support
    Making the decision to say goodbye to your pet is one of the toughest you’ll ever make. Pets provide us with unconditional love, friendship and comfort, so it is normal to have intense or conflicting emotions when it comes to euthanasia. At Vets4Pets we’re here for you and your pet for every step of your journey together.
  • Biochemistry
    Allows an assessment of the functionality of a patients organs.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
    Used to measure the range of blood pressure as a preventative treatment to identify early signs of systemic hypertension.
  • Cruciate Surgery
    Surgery to repair damaged stifle ligaments.
  • Dental X-Ray
    Unlike humans, dogs need to be under general anesthesia for dental X-rays. Anesthesia is considered to be a safe procedure and will be performed after a general examination. It is tailored to the individual and your dog is continuously monitored during the dental exam.
  • Dentistry
    The treatment and prevention of dental disease
  • Digital X-Ray
    Digital X ray equipment is available.
  • Fracture Repair
    Orthopaedic surgery to correct broken bones.
  • Haematology – Blood testing
    Allows the assessment of a patient's blood and blood cells.
  • Health Plans
    Designed to cover all the regular pet care essentials such as vaccinations and flea and worm prevention, whilst saving you money.
  • Home Visits
    If you can’t make it us, we will come to you. We offer routine home visit for pets who don’t like to leave the house or clients who are unable to visit us. (Additional costs may occur)
  • Hospital Ward
    Suite of custom-built kennels for the housing and monitoring of in-patients.
  • In-house Laboratory
    A range of analytical tests and equipment to assist in the rapid diagnosis of illness.
  • Isolation Unit
    A special ward to care for animals with contagious diseases.
  • Locally Owned
    This practice is locally owned.
  • Medication
  • Microchipping
    A microchip can help retrieve lost pets
  • Nurse Clinic
    Appointments with a highly qualified nurse which can cover anything from nutrition and fitness advice, grooming techniques, to pet socialisation classes.
  • Nutritional Advice
    Advice and support for your pet's diet.
  • Late Opening Times
    Late Opening Times
  • Operating Theatre
    An operating theatre with gaseous anaesthetic facility for surgical procedures.
  • Orthopaedics
    Surgery of joints and bones.
  • Pet Passport / Animal Health Certificate
    Trained Official Veterinarian vets to issue Pet Passports, Fit to Fly letters and rabies serology tests.
  • Prescriptions
    We can provide written prescriptions upon request.
  • Rabbit Medicine and Testing
    Rabbit Medicine and Testing
  • Separate Cat & Dog Wards
    Separate cat and dog hospital wards, designed to ensure your pet is kept in a comfortably stress free environment.
  • Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery
    Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery
  • Soft Tissue
    Surgical procedures involving the soft tissues such as ears and skin.
  • Tonopen - Eye Pressure Testing
    Measures eye pressure.
  • Ultrasound
    Generates 2-D moving images of your pet’s internal organs at work.
  • Weight Clinic
    Monitoring clinic to help dogs and cats achieve optimal weights – both if they have been under or overweight
  • X-Ray
    Generates digital 2D images of bones and internal organs.
  • X-Ray & Ultrasound
    X-Ray & Ultrasound

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Health Plan

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