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We are now able to provide all our normal services but in the safest possible way. When you book your appointment our friendly team will explain what to expect at your visit. In response to government guidance, a face covering must now be worn when visiting us. Let's help keep each other safe.

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Meet the team



Veterinary Surgeon


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What is your favourite animal and why?
Probably Lions. I’ve always loved big cats and planned to use my veterinary degree to go and work with them. I quickly found out that the cats I meet every day have more than enough sass to keep me entertained so small animal practice it was. 

What pets do you have and what are their names?
Strangely, I don’t have any. My excuse is I don’t want to expose any poor, unsuspecting pets to my crazy 2 year old daughter. I’m pretty sure it won’t stay that way for long though.

 What is the best pet name you have come across?
It’s so difficult to choose. The one cat that does jump out at me though is a cat called Pocket. She was named that because she was found as a tiny kitten and spent the first few weeks of her life in a Vet Nurse’s tunic pocket.

What is your favourite famous animal?
Honestly it has to be a famous pair… Timon and Pumbaa from the Lion King. Mainly because they’re off the charts crazy and I imagine that’s how I would be if I were an animal.

What is the best part about working at Vets4Pets?
Am I allowed to say the uniform? It’s so comfortable! I suppose working with a team of people that are just as nuts as me also helps…

Sharon Hartshorne

Sharon Hartshorne

Practice Manager & Registered Veterinary Nurse RVN

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What is your favourite animal and why? Dogs due to their fantastic personalities. No matter what sort of day you have had they always make you laugh. What pets do you have and what are their names? A dog called Finley. What is the best pet name you have come across? I like the human names like Dave and Stuart. What is your favourite famous animal? Jacob Black, the werewolf from Twilight. What is the best part about working at Vets4Pets? After working 18 years in the veterinary business, its nice to work somewhere that you are valued. I have a fantastic team who pride themselves on working to a very high standard. I also get to bring my dog to work, so what else could I ask for?

Cassandra Houghton

Registered Veterinary Nurse RVN

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I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse here at Hemsworth Vets4Pets. I graduated in 2012 and have worked in small animal practice since.

I have a keen interest in dentistry and have completed a Nurse Certificate in Dentistry.
I have two old lady crossbreed terriers called Ebony and Seren. They may be old but they don’t know it!

I have been at Hemsworth Vets4Pets since the practice opened. I love it here; we have built from the bottom up, working to provide a high standard of service and care to you and your pets!


Tanya Brook

Registered Veterinary Nurse


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I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse and graduated from Askham Bryan College York in 2014. I prefer small animal practice but have assisted in a sheep caesarean as a student nurse which was a very cool experience. 

I have a three legged chihuahua called Della who enjoys long walks in the hills of the Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and the Lake District. Having three legs does not hold her back, she'd be out all day, everyday if she could. ‚ÄčI currently have tropical fish and have in the past owned rabbits, rats, mice and shaw's jirds. 

I joined Vets4Pets Hemsworth in March 2020 and what I like the most about working here is that I get to work with a friendly team of people, who all have high standards for their work. 

Emma Morley

Emma Morley

Client Care Advisor

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What is your favourite animal and why? Cats, they are loving and playful. What pets do you have and what are their names? I have two cats, called Tipsy and Tigger. Tipsy is a tortoiseshell and Tigger is a tabby/tortoiseshell What is the best pet name you have come across? Lord Hugo Boss What is your favourite famous animal? Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. What is the best part about working at Vets4Pets? Meeting new clients and their pets and creating a friendly environment that makes them want to return. Being part of a really good team where its a joy to come into work everyday.
Hannah Hemsworth

Hannah Bullivant

Client Care Advisor

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I have been working at Vets4Pets in Hemsworth since March 2019. I really enjoy coming into work due to the people I work with working well together and supporting each other. It is a pleasure to meet the lovely clients and their pets every day too. At the moment I have two dogs called Angel and Freddie and two cats called Misty and Magic. When I’m not working, I love taking the dogs for a long walk and spending time with family and friends. If working and having my own pets wasn’t enough, I love watching animal films and documentaries.

Vets4Pets Hemsworth is committed to bringing you affordable, high quality care via a modern, well equipped practice, including a lab, pharmacy, digital x-ray and ultrasound. Plus, on site car parking too!

The friendly team can't wait to meet all of their new clients!



  • Operating Theatre
    An operating theatre with gaseous anaesthetic facility for surgical procedures.
  • Isolation Unit
    A special ward to care for animals with contagious diseases.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
    Used to measure the range of blood pressure as a preventative treatment to identify early signs of systemic hypertension.
  • Biochemistry
    Allows an assessment of the functionality of a patients organs.

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  • Haematology
    Allows the assessment of a patient's blood and blood cells.
  • In-house Laboratory
    A range of analytical tests and equipment to assist in the rapid diagnosis of illness.
  • X-Ray
    Generates digital 2D images of bones and internal organs.
  • Hospital Ward
    Suite of custom-built kennels for the housing and monitoring of in-patients.
  • Dentistry
    The treatment and prevention of dental disease

Practice accreditations

  • RCVS accreditation EDITED
  • 805313

Health Plans

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Best Start in Life

Our Best Start in Life starter pack includes everything they'll need from a veterinary perspective to grow up happy and healthy, from a microchip to their first vaccinations.
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Vac4Life is a preventative plan following primary vaccinations

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