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Advanced services

We have invested considerably in our team and kit to make a number of advanced services available to our clients. We also accept referrals from other practices.

Orthopaedics and fracture repair

Our veterinary team have undertaken advanced training to allow us to perform orthopaedic surgery in our practice. If your pet develops an abnormality involving their skeleton or joints, such as elbow dysplasia, a patella (kneecap) that gets stuck, or a torn cruciate ligament, an orthopaedic procedure may help them.

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Meet the team

Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas

Practice Owner & Veterinary Surgeon


Read Sarah Thomas bio

I qualified as a vet from Nottingham University and, together with Jenny, I am a partner at Rugby Central and Rugby Vets4Pets. I truly enjoy working with our wonderful team and meeting all the lovely pets and the owner’s that trust us to look after them. My home life very much reflects my work life as I’m known for a being a bit of a soft touch and have acquired many waifs and strays through working as a vet, including Murphy, a Romanian Shepherd and numerous cats and guinea pigs.

Marcin Bula

Lead Veterinary Surgeon



Helen Davis

Veterinary Surgeon


Read Helen Davis bio

A Rugby lass born and bred,

Helen is extremely well read.

Her medical knowledge blows us away,

Sharing tips with the team every day.

Her focus and attention is clear to see,

She loves all creatures even a bee.

Giving clients and patients her very best,

Even if it means she gets no rest.

Her rapunzel locks are her trade mark look,

You'll often find her reading a book.

Clare Wilson

Veterinary Surgeon


Agnes Ngonput

Veterinary Surgeon

Jenny Pails

Jenny Pails

Practice Owner & Veterinary Nurse


Read Jenny Pails bio

What is your favourite animal and why? Baby orangutan's because I would love to work with them in Indonesia and they are extremely cute! What pets do you have and what are their names? One Collie Cross Labrador called Olly What's the best pet name that you've ever come across? Bodger, the English Bull terrier What is your favourite famous animal? Kieko, the whale from Free Willy What's the best aspect of working for Vets4Pets? Working in a brilliant team and being able to give high standards of care for our patients.
Laura Lou

Laura Mann

Lead Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Laura Mann bio

Calm and serene she leads by example,

Her knowledge and skills are more than ample.

Our super head nurse is dedicated,

But always ensure her tea is decaffeinated!

Cuddles and smiles she will always bring.

For the cats and exotics - her favourite thing,

Paperwork and inboxes fit to burst,

Yet she ensures pets always come first!

Laura Mann we wouldn't be without,

A dream to work with there is no doubt.

Ellie Freeman

Ellie Freeman

Lead Registered Veterinary Nurse


Read Ellie Freeman bio

She was just a teen when she joined our family in 2013,

From her very first work experience day,

she has shown us her brilliant way,

Hospital, Theatre, or Consultations,

She is very much part of our practice’s foundations.

A passion for behaviour and the knowledge too,

She'll offer her help to all of you,

Ellie is now our deputy lead nurse,

She's one of our best

A Registered Veterinary Nurse

Kirstie Green

Kirstie Green

Kennel Assistant

Read Kirstie Green bio

In 2017 she joined our team,

As a CCA she found her feet,

And every client she would gladly meet,

An infectious laugh for all to hear,

No challenge too big when she is near,

But she knew her passion lied elsewhere,

Helping and assisting with lots of care,

An ANA she's studying to be,

We're so pleased for our Kirstie.


Sammie Orton

Student Veterinary Nurse

Read Sammie Orton bio

A kennel assistant she started as,

Until lockdown encouraged her back to class.

Splitting her time between work and study,

Learning new skills with Nadine her buddy.

She's kind and caring what more do you need,

That magical sparkle is Sammie indeed.

During consultations you may see her around,

Always with a smile and never a frown.

As a student nurse there’s lots of learning to do,

But before you know it she'll be an RVN too!


Carmen NG

Registered Veterinary Nurse


Michelle Jardine

Registered Veterinary Nurse


Naomi Davies

Student Veterinary Nurse

Kathryn Wright

Registered Veterinary Nurse


Becky Kane

Registered Veterinary Nurse


Joanne Round

Veterinary Nurse



Heather Matthews

Veterinary Care Assistant


Bev Oliver

Client Care Advisor

Read Bev Oliver bio

A friendly face she'll greet you with a smile,

Bev is one who goes that extra mile.

From first vaccinations to sad goodbyes,

She'll be there for all she wouldn't deny.

Every patient can steal her heart,

A little terrier she couldn't part.

In need of a drink she'll be there with the kettle,

Or a box of tissues if you're found in a fettle.

On the end of the phone she’s a welcoming voice,

Our CCA Bev she is everyone’s choice.

Charlotte Jones

Charlie Jones

Lead Client Care Advisor

Read Charlie Jones bio

Our mum of three she has lots to do,

Not forgetting a small zoo too!

Efficient and friendly she'll answer the phone,

Always on hand you're never alone.

A warm welcome she gives as you walk through the door,

With treats for the dogs as they sit on the floor.

A soft spot for a staffy just like her own,

If only she could take everyone home.

Her hard work and effort is second to none,

From serious moments to lots of fun.

Nadine Eason

Nadine Eason

Client Care Advisor

Read Nadine Eason bio

Lush locks and gorgeous nails,

She's our CCA who doesn't fail.

A mum of one soon to be two,

Oh how the last 4 years flew.

From front of house to patient care,

Nadine has done her fair share.

Nothing seems too much trouble,

Even in the hustle and bustle.

Learning lots and helping out,

A star at work without a doubt.

Lucy Harris

Practice Manager

Read Lucy Harris bio

In 2016 we found Lucy-Jo,

What was to follow we didn't know.

As lead CCA she really flourished,

Ensuring the team was working and polished.

During lockdown she really stood out,

Promoted to Practice Manager without any doubt.

Now she helps and looks after us all,

Ensuring our best and that we don't fall.

Her priority is our clients care,

To be number one for pets everywhere.


Yvette Bousfield

Lead Client Care Advisor

Read Yvette Bousfield bio

Her name is Yvette but she's not the Vet!

She'll do her best for sure, that’s a bet.

Lead CCA is her title,

Her Client Care Advice is vital.

No matter the day she is lovely,

Full of life and very bubbly.

Insurance claims are her domain,

She does her upmost not to complain.

Any question big or small,

She'll go beyond to answer them all.


Emilia Strojny

Client Care Advisor

Read Emilia Strojny bio

Although she is quite far from home,

Emilia is like one of our own.

Joining the team in '21,

She really knows how to have fun.

As a new client care advisor,

She has the whole team behind her.

Polish is her native tongue,

Her career with us has just begun.

Learning lots and quickly too,

Her welcome smile is waiting for you.


Helen Shanks

Animal Nursing Assistant

Read Helen Shanks bio

Full of laughter and such glee,

Rarely is she seen to be unhappy,

Assisting the nurses is her role,

The hospital wards she will patrol,

Prepping and cleaning the practice through,

The job list is endless, whoever knew,

Her love for animals is always on display,

Dealing with every challenge in her way.

Her personality is so bright,

But she is also full of might.


Jodie McGrath

Client Care Advisor


Ethan Saturley

Client Care Advisor


Erin Williamson

Client Care Advisor

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)

Emma Adams

Student Veterinary Nurse


Esther Wallis

Client Care Advisor / Veterinary Care Assistant


Lottie Harris

Financial Administrator

Vets4Pets Rugby Central is committed to bringing you affordable, high quality care via a modern, well equipped practice, including a lab, pharmacy, digital x-ray and ultrasound. Plus, on site car parking too!

The friendly team can't wait to meet all of their new clients!



  • Emergency cover
    Even if we are closed, we have your pet covered.
  • Open 7 Days a Week
    We are open 7 days a week.
  • Anaesthesia
    General anaesthetic enables us to perform many procedures kindly and safely for your pet.
  • Behaviourist
    The Behaviourist approach to learning studied changes in behaviour that are caused by a person's direct experience of their environment, using the principles of classical and operant conditioning to explain them.

Show more services

  • Bereavement Support
    Making the decision to say goodbye to your pet is one of the toughest you’ll ever make. Pets provide us with unconditional love, friendship and comfort, so it is normal to have intense or conflicting emotions when it comes to euthanasia. At Vets4Pets we’re here for you and your pet for every step of your journey together.
  • Biochemistry
    Allows an assessment of the functionality of a patients organs.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
    Used to measure the range of blood pressure as a preventative treatment to identify early signs of systemic hypertension.
  • Chemotherapy & Cancer Treatment
    Dogs and cats that receive chemotherapy feel normal the day they are given the drug.
  • Cruciate Surgery
    Surgery to repair damaged stifle ligaments.
  • Dentistry
    The treatment and prevention of dental disease
  • Digital X-Ray
    Digital X ray equipment is available.
  • ECG
    ECG is also available to keep your pet's heart healthy.
  • Echocardiography (heart scans)
    Generates a 2D moving image of your pet's heart.
  • Fracture Repair
    Orthopaedic surgery to correct broken bones.
  • Haematology – Blood testing
    Allows the assessment of a patient's blood and blood cells.
  • Health Plans
    Designed to cover all the regular pet care essentials such as vaccinations and flea and worm prevention, whilst saving you money.
  • Home Visits
    If you can’t make it us, we will come to you. We offer routine home visit for pets who don’t like to leave the house or clients who are unable to visit us. (Additional costs may occur)
  • Hospital Ward
    Suite of custom-built kennels for the housing and monitoring of in-patients.
  • In-house Laboratory
    A range of analytical tests and equipment to assist in the rapid diagnosis of illness.
  • Isolation Unit
    A special ward to care for animals with contagious diseases.
  • Locally Owned
    This practice is locally owned.
  • Medication
  • Microchipping
    A microchip can help retrieve lost pets
  • Nurse Clinic
    Appointments with a highly qualified nurse which can cover anything from nutrition and fitness advice, grooming techniques, to pet socialisation classes.
  • Nutritional Advice
    Advice and support for your pet's diet.
  • Operating Theatre
    An operating theatre with gaseous anaesthetic facility for surgical procedures.
  • Orthopaedics
    Surgery of joints and bones.
  • Pet Passport / Animal Health Certificate
    Trained Official Veterinarian vets to issue Pet Passports, Fit to Fly letters and rabies serology tests.
  • Prescriptions
    We can provide written prescriptions upon request.
  • Separate Cat & Dog Wards
    Separate cat and dog hospital wards, designed to ensure your pet is kept in a comfortably stress free environment.
  • Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery
    Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery
  • Soft Tissue
    Surgical procedures involving the soft tissues such as ears and skin.
  • Tonopen - Eye Pressure Testing
    Measures eye pressure.
  • Ultrasound
    Generates 2-D moving images of your pet’s internal organs at work.
  • Weight Clinic
    Monitoring clinic to help dogs and cats achieve optimal weights – both if they have been under or overweight
  • X-Ray & Ultrasound
    X-Ray & Ultrasound

Practice accreditations

  • RCVS accreditation EDITED
  • Cat Friendly Clinic Logo Silver (1)

Health Plans

Health Plan

Complete Care Junior

From £15* per month
Expert veterinary care, plus lots of support and tailored advice for your puppy or kitten, in an affordable and convenient way

Health Plan

Complete Care

From £8* per month
Save over £300† on routine healthcare
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Health Plan

Complete Care Plus

From £19* per month
Our most comprehensive plan for dogs and cats

Out of hours

Vets4Pets Northampton Hospital
Beckett Retail Park
St. James' Mill Road

Telephone: 01604 753 300

Emergency Consultation Fee from £120 - £250. Any necessary treatment or medication administered by the emergency service will be charged in addition to the emergency consultation fee.