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10 Great Reasons To Visit Your Vet

Here are some great reasons to visit your local vet

We all know that bringing your pet in for their annual vaccinations or when they are poorly are some of the main reasons to visit your vet. But did you know that we provide many other services to help keep your pet happy and healthy? 

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10 Great Reasons To Visit Your Vet

A healthy lifestyle is just as important to pets as it is to humans. Keeping your pet active and at a healthy weight could help lower the risk of things like diabetes, joint damage and heart disease. 

Body condition scores mainly involve looking at and feeling the ribs and waist, and guideline charts can help you assess what you are seeing and place your pet on the body condition score scale. If you aren’t sure – ask your vet or nurse!

Did you know up to 80% of all dogs and cats over the age of 3 years suffer from some form of dental disease? Regular dental checks with your vet can keep your pet's teeth in tip top condition and prevent your pet suffering from painful dental disease. 

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It's not only us humans that can be affected by allergies - our furry friends can suffer too. The cause can be anything from fleas, house dust mites, pollen, fungal or mould spores and even foods. Signs vary but if your pet is showing signs of red and irritated skin, excessive licking, scratching more than usual or hair loss book an appointment at your local Vets4Pets today.

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Keeping health issues at bay takes an expert’s eye which is why our clinical team recommend annual Health MOTs. It’s the best way to spot problems and treat or manage them before things get worse. 


Travelling with your pet? Here at Vets4Pets we have everything covered so your pet can go too. Talk to us about organising a pet passport if you’re travelling abroad or if your pet suffers from travel sickness. 

Our vets will assess your pet’s weight and lifestyle to recommend the most appropriate preventative flea and worm regime. Vets are able to prescribe products that are more effective than products you can purchase “off the shelf”, as well as giving you advice and support if your pet already has an infection. 

Getting a new pet can be so rewarding but there is a lot to think about at this exciting time. We can give you advice every step of the way, from choosing your pet to introducing them to their new home, as well as all other aspects of pet ownership. It’s important to understand the implications of becoming a pet owner – our clinics can give you guidance on preventative veterinary treatment and other aspects of pet ownership. Speak to your local Vets4Pets about the workshops and clinics that they offer. 

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Neutering can seem daunting, but your friendly Vets4Pets team can talk you through the right recommendations for your pet and make sure you feel confident in your decision. If you do decide to neuter your pet our clinics have modern, fully equipped operating theatres with approachable, experienced teams so you know your pet is in the best hands.

Sadly, there are lots of reasons our pet’s behaviour might not be how we want it to be. Fear, stress, anxiety, communication problems and even old age can all impact how our pets act on a daily basis. Your vet can help with a range of behavioural issues and offer practical advice before things get worse.

Found a lump? As alarming as this may seem many lumps are harmless, but there is always a risk that it could be more serious. Getting any lump checked out early could be vital to your pet’s health. Our friendly experienced team at Vets4Pets can check your pet over and advise on the best management.