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Better World Pledge

At the Pets at Home Group, we and our colleagues are committed to becoming the most responsible pet care business in the world through our Better World Pledge. Three pillars build our pledge: Planet, People and Pets. Here we discuss our pledge to the planet.

Our overall goal for our planet is to be net-zero by 2040 and to make sure we align what we are doing with the best science out there.

We have environmental goals that we know are challenging and that will require us to change the way we work, as well as the way we think about the impacts of products and services that our practices offer.

We are committed to using less energy and resources, and generating less waste and packaging while offering a more sustainable way to care for our pets.

Contributions to our plan

We take the preservation of our natural environment seriously, so we have partnered with the Woodland Trust to support the protection and preservation of our national woodland.

In the last year, we have protected, preserved, and planted over 900 hectares of woodland across the UK. 

In support of this, we planted a tree for every colleague in our business for the 30th birthday celebrations. 

We have also launched a Pet Memory Scheme that enables us to recognise and celebrate the lives of all the loved pets that our vet practices have had the pleasure to look after each year donating to protect, restore and plant woodland in their names.

For the past five years, we have used 100% renewable electricity across our Group energy contracts.

As a Vet Group, we are committed to working with the veterinary professions as we work towards becoming the most responsible pet care business in the world.

We know we can learn lots from others and we hope people can learn from some of what we are doing as well.

To help us with this we became platinum corporate partners with the main veterinary sustainability organisation Vet Sustain.

We think our relationship will be a truly symbiotic one and really help the vet profession become even more sustainable in how it works and operates.

We have also recently partnered with Investors in the Environment (iiE) as many of our practices are looking to work towards external accreditation with them.

So keep a look out over the next year or so for the iiE badge appearing in your local practice in recognition of the work they are doing.

Earth Day

Earth Day, 22 April 2022

We're celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April. Find out how we at the Pets at Home Group have committed to doing the right thing for pets, people and the planet plus discover our collection of sustainable products.

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