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Complete Care Senior

A complete care plan for your 7+ year old pet's continued good health

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Our Complete Care Senior Health Plan provides the best preventative health care for your senior pet, to help keep your pet fit and healthy throughout its life. Join today to make savings of up to 20% off your annual preventative veterinary care and receive 10% discount on prescribed medications. Book an appointment at your local vet surgery to find out more.

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Please note: Complete Care Senior is only available at participating surgeries. Please check with your local surgery before booking an appointment.


Complete Care Senior includes:

Medical bag
  • Annual vaccination
  • Kennel cough vaccination (dogs only)
Regular veterinary prescribed parasite treatments
  • Year round flea and worm treatment
Health checks
Medical bag
  • Annual older pets health examination with vet - at annual vaccination appointment
  • Additional vet health check
VIP club exclusive offers
VIP badge
  • A voucher for a 10% off at Pets at Home once your pet is signed up to our VIP club ◊
  • A voucher for a 25% off at The Groom Room once your dog is signed up to VIP club (dogs only) ◊

Also included:

  • 2x nurse health examination
  • 2x urine analysis
  • Annual blood screening

Along with the treatment, screening and health checks, your pet will also get 6 of the following additional treatments or savings*

  • 20% off neutering 
  • 15% off dental procedures 
  • £10 off vet consult
  • 10% off in house lab work
  • £30 healthy pet wellness test
  • £10 microchip
  • 10% off flea collar
  • 10% off calming products
  • 10% off prescribed medications
  • Nurse clinic - weight check and dietary advice
  • Nurse clinic - nail clip
  • Nurse clinic - anal gland expression

*Please speak to your vet to find out the most suitable benefits for your pet

Complete Care Annual or Monthly Direct Debit Terms and Conditions Apply. 

◊ Terms & Conditions and exclusions apply, please see voucher details. Voucher can only be used once for 10% off at Pets at Home and 25% off for a Full Groom only at the Groom Room and in one transaction.

Frequently asked questions

Our Health Plans make your pet's preventative health care simple, understandable and part of a routine. They reduce the potential for missed treatments and ensures your pet is as well protected as possible against the most common preventable conditions.

Our Health Plans provide you with a clear and structured plan to ensure you are giving your pet the best possible care.

Yes, you need both. You can think of it like this: Health Plans, like Complete Care, cover all the planned, preventative healthcare needs of your pet, while pet insurance is there to cover the unforeseen events in their life.

Complete Care Junior has been created for puppies and kittens and covers the specific veterinary care they need throughout their first year. At the end of this plan, pets can continue their journey with us onto Complete Care which covers their ongoing preventative healthcare.

The Complete Care Senior plan is aimed specifically at the older dog and cat who, from age seven, need a little extra care to keep them healthy. Health check and screenings included in the plan allow us to monitor the general health of your pet and notice those often subtle changes that indicate something may be wrong, so that we can dispense accurate medication. This plan can give you the reassurance of knowing you are providing the best possible care for your pet by providing preventative health care measures and vet health checks.



Small Dog(<10kg): £18 per month
Medium Dog(10kg - 25kg): £20 per month
Large Dog(25kg - 40kg): £22 per month
Extra Large Dog(40kg - 65kg): £29 per month
Giant Dog(>65kg): £32 per month


Cat (<8kg): £17 per month
Large Cat (>8kg): £22 per month

Your local Vets4Pets team will be able to talk you through the most suitable option for you.

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