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Meet the Corstorphine Vet Team

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Sonia Stoddart

Joint Venture Partner & Veterinary Surgeon

Unlike a lot of vets, I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to be a vet and only realised it was the career for me until much later. I grew up in Minnesota in America and worked two jobs growing up: on a farm and in a little privately owned coffee shop. While the farm taught me a lot about the importance of hard work, I will never forget how much I loved getting to know all the regulars at the coffee shop. I graduated from high school and needed to quit these jobs to start my first degree, but never forgot what they taught me. I moved to Wisconsin to study neurobiology at UW Madison.

It was here I met my now husband and the adorable little moggie named Lupita (“little wolf”). I graduated there with a first then we three moved to Los Angeles where I worked in a lab studying children’s leukaemia. The work here was so important but I felt very disconnected to the patients I was helping. I thought back to the coffee shop where I got to know everyone that came in and I thought of how much I loved my little wolf. I also thought about how I needed to see the effects my hard work was helping my patients. I decided then I would become a vet.

We three then moved to Edinburgh where I studied at the beautiful Dick Vet. I was in one of the last classes to get to go through Summerhall, and one of the first classes to get to go to the new campus in Roslin. I qualified in 2013, spent some time in a busy hospital in Coventry England where I would routinely stay 3-5 hours after my shift to learn new surgeries, place E-T tubes, learn new ways to handle internal medicine challenges, etc. I started with Vets4Pets in 2014 and took over the Corstorphine branch in late 2017.

So far, I’m so happy to be here. As I had hoped when going to vet school, my favourite part of being in general practice is meeting new clients and their pets, and I so look forward to getting to know everyone that comes into my room. I’m also currently working on a small animal internal medicine certificate. My other interests in the clinic are ultrasonography, kittens and puppies, clinical pathology, rabbits, general surgery, old animals of all species, anaesthesia and middle aged animals of all species.

Outside the clinic, I am mad about cycling, I also enjoy running, cooking, a good podcast, panel shows (panel shows and beans on toast are my favourite UK things!), music and my little old little wolf, Lupita.

margherita photo.jpg

Margherita Boasso

Veterinary Surgeon

Hello! I am Margherita and I‘ve permanently joined Corstorphine’s team since September 2017. I had been here few months before as a locum vet, when I had just moved from Italy, but all the people have been so welcoming and supportive to me that I felt I was in the right place at the right moment. Due to that, I decided to start a new chapter of career and life here in Edinburgh. I graduated in 2015 and since then I have practiced with small animals, who I really love.

My major interests are internal medicine, anesthesia and analgesia, but I like being a GP as well. The thing I prefer the most about my job is being part of pets’ life and be there when they really need. I always try to help them and owners as best as I can and I feel that my role can have a very important impact on their quality of life, that’s why I think it’s “special”.

When I have some free time I like spending it with friends and family, I do enjoy travelling and spend time in nature and expressing my creativity with DIY projects. I like baking and cooking, but most of all I love my pets (you can see the last member of the crew in the picture).

Rosie Murray.jpg

Rosie Murray

Veterinary Surgeon

Hello there, I am one of the most recent additions to the Corstorphine Vets4Pets family! I have worked with Vets4Pets as a veterinary care assistant, and to complete clinical placement during my time as a vet student. So when I graduated from the University of Edinburgh this year, I was delighted to accept a job offer as a veterinary surgeon where I knew I’d be working with such a dedicated and hard working team.

Animals have always been a passion of mine, and before before I started on the veterinary path, I achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Trinity College Dublin. I have always had a special interest in exotic animals, one of my favourites are Leopard geckos!

Currently in my flat in Edinburgh I have 3 goldfish named Toe, Artemis and Teddy. I also rarely have a day off where I’m not out walking dogs on Blackford Hill or exploring the Pentlands.

I’m already loving my new job, and I hope over the next few years I can further develop my emergency critical care and my soft tissue surgery skills as I think these areas are the most exciting in veterinary medicine! I look forward to meeting you, and all of your pets!


Helen photo.jpeg

Helen Fentem

Client Services Manager

In 2015 I completed a Masters in Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare. Shortly after, I started working as an Animal care Assistant for the SSPCA. After working there for 6 months, I decided to make the move into small animal care, where I had always wanted to work.

I started off as a Receptionist at Vets4Pets in Corstorphine, and recently moved to the role of Client Services Manager. I’m looking forward to seeing what new challenges my role will bring, whilst still getting to see lots of furry faces (old and new!) and of course their lovely owners!

At home, my boyfriend and I currently have two house rabbits: Rolo and Bounty, who certainly keep us entertained with their funny quirks and silly antics. We also recently adopted 2 little rats: Popeye and Wonky, who needed a little extra care.

Danielle photo.jpg

Danielle Mannion

Veterinary Care Assistant

After working in the banking industry for nearing 3 years I decided to pursue my dream job as a veterinary nurse. This lead me to doing a lot of weekend work experience at Vets 4 Pets Corstorphine and I joined the team in summer 2017 when an opportunity arrived to become a care assistant within the practice.

I have an interest in small exotics and share my house with my own pets Gizmo the Russian Dwarf hamster, Tifa the Gerbil and Pumpkin and Frankie my rabbits.


Charley McNeill

Veterinary Care Assistant

My name is Charley and I am brand new to the Corstorphine team. I worked for 5 years as a groom in west Lothian before moving onto the RSPCA as an animal care assistant. I have always loved animals and hope to become a vet nurse one day. I enjoy cups of tea and squishy dogs. I own a Rottweiler-cross called Diesel who I rescued- he is a big goofball!

Dianne Corstophine.jpg

Diane Leach

Client Care Advisor

Hello! I’m Diane and I am a lover of all things animals! I recently joined the lovely team, situated in reception and loving every minute! It took me a while to decide to go down the veterinary nursing route, working previously in the hospitality industry and retail but I knew deep down my passion was with animals. I started my studies in Animal Care at college and working as an animal care assistant and receptionist in emergency veterinary practice. I then progressed onto the Veterinary Nursing Diploma which I will complete in 2020, which I am very excited about!


When I’m not annoying my pets for snuggles you can find me enjoying the outdoors running, riding the horses, and at the beach soaking up the views and attempting to surf. When I’m relaxing you will find me painting, baking, watching Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter and drinking coffee!

Ammie Corstorphne.jpg

Ammie Murphy

Client Care Advisor

Hi! My name is Ammie, I’m the newest face at the reception desk. I worked for a year on the shop floor at Pets at Home and prior to that I completed my national certificate in animal care. I’ve always loved animals and knew from a very young age that when I got older working with animals was exactly what I wanted to do. I have my own little rescue guinea pig called chomp who I adopted around Christmas time. When I have some spare time you’ll more than likely find me curled up on the couch in my pyjamas watching tv.


Elizabeth Ellis-Huddleston

Client Care Advisor

Hello, my name is Elizabeth but people call me Ellie. I have joined Vets4Pets as a Receptionist and have been a client here for over 2 years! I have a wee dog called Beorn (named after a character in The Hobbit, not a singer or a tennis player) who is a rescue and am currently trying to convince my husband to let me buy a Corn Snake.

I teach Art and help run an Art Gallery in my spare time. I also like to Fire Dance, Fire Breath and am studying Maths, Science and Technology at the Open University.