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Meet the Carrickfergus Vet Team

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Kerensa Scott

Kerensa qualified in 2000 and worked in mixed practice for 4 years here in Northern Ireland and also in Australia and New Zealand. She then chose to concentrate on small animal medicine and she opened the practice in 2011. Kerensa enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine and is very focused on helping her clients keep their pets as happy and healthy as possible. She is also an active member of the veterinary community having been Chairperson of the NI British Small animal Veterinary Association and having sat on the board of Veterinary Northern Ireland.  She frequently organises courses and conference for her fellow vets in the province.

Lynsey Hamilton Vets4Pets Carrickfergus

Lynsey Hamilton

Lynsey qualified from The Royal Veterinary School in London. She has worked in small animal practice since coming back to NI. She has a particular interest in Internal Medicine and holds the Improve Certificate in Small Animal Medicine. When Lynsey is not looking after our clients' wonderful pets, she is at home looking after her two young children and four Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Shona Purdy Vets4Pets Carrickfergus

Shona Purdy

Shona is our Head Nurse and is registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Nurses. Shona runs our weight loss clinics and our diabetic clinics. She is also in charge of our Puppy Classes which run throughout the year. Shona is kept very busy at home with her five Rhodesian Rdigebacks and her lovely horse, Lucy. Her favourite animal is the dog because she loves to walk with them. The best pet name she has heard is 'Mr Julian Bigglesworth' and her favourite famous animal is Greebo, the Discworld cat.

Zoe McMurran Vets4Pets Carrickfergus

Zoe McMurran

Zoe is our student nurse.  She is studying for her nursing qualifications as well as playing an integral roll in the clinical work in the practice.  Zoe was born to love animals and is our official 'pet cuddler'. At home she cuddles her dogs, Katie and Darra and her cat, Pebbles.  Her favourite animal is a dog because they are always happy and her favourite movie animal is the Zebra from Racing Stripes. Her best pet name is 'Olaf'.

Joy Hawthorne Vets4Pets Carrickfergus

Joy Hawthorne

Joy is a receptionist in the  practice. She loves meeting and talking to all our clients. Joy is kept very busy at home with Arthur the Springer Spaniel, Maisey the Shih zhu and Wonderful Winnefred the ginger cat. 

Lindsay Roberts Vets4Pets Carrickfergus

Lindsay Roberts

Lindsay is a receptionist and is excellent at organising us so we have plenty of time to spend with our clients and their pets. Lindsay looks after her young son and a terrier called Sooty. Or perhaps Sooty looks after Lindsay and her son - we're not sure! Her favourite pet name is 'Britney Valentine' and her favourite famous animal is Toto from The Wizard of Oz.

Helen McBride Vets4Pets Carrickfergus

Helen McBride

Helen is a receptionist and brings a wealth of experience from her time working for Assisi Animal Sanctuary. Helen loves meeting all our clients and your pet will be guaranteed a warm welcome when you arrive. Helen has 2 cats called Cassie and Raffles, both rescued from rescue centres. Her favourite animal is the cat, as they are highly intelligent and loving animals. Her favourite famous animal would have to be Elsa the Lioness from Born Free.