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Meet The Denton Vet Team | Vets4Pets
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Vets4Pets Denton

Meet the Denton Vet Team

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Stephen Lindop

Veterinary Surgeon & JVP

I'm Stephen, the Veterinary Surgeon and Partner at the new Vets4Pets practice in Denton. I have just over 25 years experience in small animal practice, most recently working at a Veterinary Hospital in east Cheshire.


Izabela Rodak

Assistant Vet

I graduated from Lublin University of Life Sciences in 2013. Following my graduation, I spent some time working in few different small animal practices in Poland. After that I moved to UK where I have spent last 15 months working as an intern in a busy referral centre in Manchester. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, reading and cross-stitching.

Karen Roddy Veterinary Nurse Vets4Pets Denton

Karen Roddy

Veterinary Nurse

I started my career as a Veterinary Nurse in May 2001 in a small animal Veterinary practice and qualified in February 2009. Before joining Vets4Pets Denton as the new part time Veterinary Nurse I was on maternity leave. Before this I worked at one other small animal practice.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband and son and my 2 staffies: Kara and Holly.

I enjoy working with animals I am very interested in early socialisation of puppies and getting new owners off on the right foot.

Kathryn @ Denton

Kathryn Mowbray

Head Nurse

I started my career as a Veterinary nurse in September 2005 in a small animal practice and qualified in February 2009. Before joining Vets4Pets I have worked in two other small animal practices. I have two female cats, a 6 year old called Lily and a 17 year old called Tess. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, I also enjoy reading and dancing.

Gill Carney Denton V4P.jpg

Gill Carney

Student Veterinary Nurse

My name is Gill and I am lucky enough to be the Student Vet Nurse here at the Denton Vets4Pets practice. I am really looking forward to engaging with the community of pet and animal owners here, as well as learning and developing my knowledge around animal care and health. So far, I have loved being here and felt really welcomed by the team and those who have come to the practice.

I currently own two very mischievous gerbils and one incredibly grumpy tortoise who can move surprisingly fast and loves to try and nibble my toes. In my spare time, I love to read and go walking. I also have a love for birds of prey and volunteer at a Birds of Prey centre where I am learning falconry techniques and handling. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Denton V4P Leanne Gresty.jpg

Leanne Gresty


Hi I’m Leanne one of the receptionists here at Denton, I’ve worked for Vets4Pets for just over 9 months and just recently moved to the Denton practice. For as long as I can remember I’ve always adored animals and have wanted to work in an environment that focuses on their well-being.

At home I have Oscar the Pug, Ron a very chubby rabbit and a goldfish called Dave.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my Son and Boyfriend. I also enjoy reading, cooking and socialising with friends.

Stef - Denton Receptionist



Hi I'm Stef & I've been a receptionist at Denton Vets4Pets since it opened in February 2013. I am a huge animal lover & over the years I have had mice, rats, birds, rabbits, fish & always owned dogs. I have a Collie Cross named Tyza, and two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Tyson & Sasha who I absolutely adore. I thoroughly enjoy my job, being part of a team that promotes pet well being and preventive health care, and helping to cure sick & injured animals is very rewarding. The best part about working here is the furry cuddles & sloppy kisses (& that's just from the staff Haha) I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Charlotte - Denton

Charlotte Langton


Hi, I'm Charlotte and I'm one of the receptionists here at Vets4Pets in Denton.

I am very excited about working in Vets4Pets as I love animals! I have two cats of my own, one called Smudge, who is the sleepy one and Tillie who is the cheeky one and always causing trouble. I used to have my own horse called Lilly, but decided that a job at Vets4Pets, meeting all the cute and furry animals was more for me than the mucky stables.

I am looking forward to meeting all our clients and their pets.