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Vets4Pets Rustington

Meet the Rustington vet team

Jose M V4P Rustington.png

Jose Monreal MRCVS

Joint Venture Partner & Veterinary Surgeon

I am the Joint Venture Partner at Vets4Pets Chichester and Rustington together with Luis Seco). I graduated from Vet School in Spain in 1996. By 1998 I was already in UK; I became a partner with Companion Care in 2000 at Yorkshire. Luis and I then became the partners in Vets4Pets Rustington in 2010 and finally we became the Partners of Vets4Pets Chichester in 2014.

At work I enjoy interacting with both the pets and their owners. I am passionate about Animal Welfare, and will always look out for the best interest of the patient. Technically I enjoy Internal Medicine; I have extra qualifications in this field and I am currently pursuing even more!

Out of work at home I am quite laid back enjoying television, reading, revising veterinary literature and spending time with my great pets. But when I am on holiday I like to be active and will spend most of them either running, climbing/descending mountains or even better combining all three in one!

Luis V4P Rustington.png

Luis Seco MRCVS

Joint Venture Partner & Veterinary Surgeon

I came to England in 1997 after graduating in Spain in 1996. I worked in various practices before joining Vets4Pets in 2001. After managing the Vets4Pets branch in Leeds, with Jose for almost 10 years, we decided to look for a bigger surgery. 

We found Rustington which I managed and Chichester, managed by Jose. Both surgeries have continued to grow and now in Rustington we are able to offer a 24 hour service to look after our clients and inpatients, this has been a long time ambition. 

At work I favour surgery and Orthopaedic cases, not missing a chance to assist and work with any of the specialists who visit our surgery, to deal with challenging cases that we have. This gives me the opportunity to continue to improve my skills and knowledge in those fields. 

I have recently embarked on a post-graduate study in Ophthalmology. 

When not at work, I'll head to the mountains, high or low...

Marta Martinez.jpg

Marta Martinez MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Hello, I am Marta. I qualified in Madrid back in 2002. After working for more than 10 years with small animals around the Madrid area, I decided that England will give me a better opportunity to develop my professional skills and to do what I like most, which is looking after our great small animals companions (Failing that, I also like Gardening and cooking). So here I am... 

Jose V4P Rustington.png

Jose Miguel Costo MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

I graduated in 2008 from the University of Madrid, and immediately started a three year internship, mainly specialising in internal medicine. I then moved to the Mediterranean Coast to work in a referral hospital for a few years before deciding to move to the UK. 

I have been working at Vets4Pets Rustington since and I am currently one of the senior vets. I combine my clinical work with periodic internships, attending conferences and I am currently working towards my certificate in internal medicine. Whilst not working, I am most likely reading, watching tennis or planning my next adventure travelling around the world.

Maunel Herrera.jpg

Manuel Herrera MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

After working in the south of Spain in a referral centre looking after critical care patients, I decided to move to the UK where I could improve my knowledge in the subject. Looking after these patients and monitoring anaesthesia is what I like more.
Raquel V4P Rustington.png

Raquel Lopez MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

I finished my studies in 2013 in Lugo, Spain, where I did a one year rotating internship. I spent three years improving my vet skills working in a small animal practice. After that, I decided England will give me the opportunity to continue developing my knowledge.

Outside of work I love travelling, watching TV series and spending time with my two dogs (a huge Labrador and a tiny Chihuahua.)

Ibrahim Sayyad MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

I'm Ibra and I'm from Spain. I was working in other countries and now I'm taking care of your pets here. My passion is surgery and I am getting my certificate/post graduate on it. 

I spend my free time practising sports and travelling, My favourite destinations to travel are in Asia and America.

Argyris V4P Rustington.png

Argyris Argyrou MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

I finished my studies in 2016 in Czech Republic, but I come from Cyprus. I have always wanted to work in the UK so as soon as I finished my studies i made the dream come true. 

In the future, I would like to develop my professional skills in imaging. 

 When I'm not at work, I pick a place on the map to visit.

Alejandra Palomo - MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

After qualifying in 2009, i worked in Malaga, my home town, for nearly 4 years. During this time I worked in a dog shelter as well as an out of hours small animal hospital. 

I always wanted to go away for a while and learn another language, so I decided that it was time to try something different. As the British people are known for their love of animals I decided the UK was where I wanted to start my adventure. 

I joined Rustington Vets4Pets in 2015 and love it here. I hope to start my certificate in surgery soon. In my free time I enjoy walking my two little dogs on the beach or in the woods.

James V4P Rustington.png

James Boys - MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Originally from Kent, I worked as Veterinary Nursing Assistant for a year before studying to become a vet. Having graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2016, I then joined Vets4Pets Rustington as a junior veterinary surgeon the October. 

I have interests in surgery, orthopaedics, rabbits, wildlife and other small exotics. 

Outside of work I am a keen dancer, mainly dancing modern Jive, plus I enjoy meeting up with family and friends whilst also trying to brush up on my Spanish.

Azahara V4P Rustington.png

Azahara Fernandez MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

I am originally from Cordoba in the South of Spain and after graduating in 2013 I worked in a couple of small clinics. After that I worked at a zoo that specialised in Spanish Indigenous animals and also worked as an ambulatory vet providing care for pets in their own homes. 

I then came to the UK because I wanted to work abroad. Now I am dedicated to emergency care which I find really interesting and satisfying. 

In my free time I really enjoy playing and kind of sports, visiting wild places and definitely travelling as much as I can.

Claire V4P Rustington.png

Claire Limbrick

Registered Head Veterinary Nurse

I have nursing since 2000 and gained my RCVS Veterinary Nursing qualification in October 2010. I joined the Vets4Pets team at Rustington in November 2008 after previously working at a surgery in Horsham, where I was dealing with a variety of animals including exotics, companion animals, horses and farm animals. 

I also enjoy photography and restoring and showing my classic Mini Cooper. I loves all things cute and cuddly and can never resist a hug with a cheeky looking terrier!

Sarah V4P Rustington.png

Sarah Woodward

Registered Veterinary Nurse & Practice Manager

I began working here ten years ago and after completing my nursing training I left to teach at a local Agricultural College for a number of years. 

I am a clinical coach responsible for the training received by our hard working students, so still get to use my teaching skills. 

Small animal practice is where my heart lies though and I am delighted to be back for some much needed fur therapy. 

I have two loopy Cocker Spaniels, a Ragdoll cat and a horse to keep me busy when I'm not at work. Away from the animals, I love going to the gym which is needed to counterbalance my other passion, eating out!

Carla V4P Rustington.png

Carla Kelly

Registered Veterinary Nurse

My name is Carla. I started at Vets4Pets in 2013 when I began my training as an RVN. Three years later and no qualified I was lucky enough to stay. 

My hobbies include reading, watching movies and going to the theatre, but mostly travelling! I have recently returned from Australia and New Zealand which was incredible, but it's back to reality now which is just as good with this team. 

I have no pets of my own at the moment but I see a Boxer or two in my future.

Becky V4P Rustington.png

Becky Bates

Registered Veterinary Nurse

I qualified in 1999 and have worked in small animal practices since then. 

I enjoy interacting with all the patients and making their stay with us as comfortable as possible. 

I have two children, a cat, two rabbits, two guinea pigs and a hamster to keep me busy.

Claire Manley.jpg

Claire Manley

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Hello, I'm Claire, I have been with Vets4Pets Rustington for one year, and qualified as a RVN in 2005. I enjoy looking after hospitalised patients and being in theatre monitoring anaesthesia. 

I have a Cocker Spaniel, Lily, who is 6 years old. We love walking in the countryside and camping at weekends in the summer.

Hannah V4P Rustington.png


Student Veterinary Nurse

Hello my name is Hannah. I am a second year degree student from Plumpton College and have been at Vets4Pets for two years. 

I have two dogs, a 6 year old Collie/Spaniel cross called Rufus and a 12 year old Jack Russell called Tango. I am enjoying my training and learning new things, and I like looking after the hospital patients.

Paige V4P Rustington.png


Student Veterinary Nurse (Second year)

I have been working at Vets4Pets for four years - I started as work experience and then progressed to become a receptionist and trained Animal Nursing Assistant and next year I hope to qualify as a Registered Veterinary Nurse. 

I have two important doggies in my life who have been my bandage practice, weight clinic candidates and cuddles at the end of a busy day.



Student Veterinary Nurse

I started working at Vets4Pets in July 2014, starting as the weekend receptionist and then progressing to become full time. I really enjoy working with such a hard working and caring team.

Darren V4P Rustington.png


Veterinary Care Assistant

I joined the army at a young age and completed 24 years service. During my last years in the army I studied for a diploma in canine psychology and behaviour, which I passed with a distinction. At the same time completing my NEBOSH (Health & Safety) diploma. 

My wife and I live in Rustington and have two children and one grandchild. At home we have three dogs, two Husky-mutes and an Alaskan Malamute and two cats.

Katie V4P Rustington.png


Veterinary Care Assistant

I started working at Vets4Pets in June 2016 as a weekend receptionist, then in 2017 I began working behind the scenes in the practice as a Veterinary Care Assistant. 

This job involves helping the vets and nurses where necessary, looking after surgical and inpatients - which includes lots of love and cuddles! In September 2017, I begin my training as a Student Veterinary Nurse, I am very excited for my journey ahead and look forward to looking after everyone's animals. 

At home  have a dog called Radley, and four cats to keep him company; Lily, Theo, Mollie and barney. I also like to spend time with my friends and family and going on holiday!


Veterinary Care Assistant

Hi I'm Emma, I joined the Vets4Pets team in 2017 as a Veterinary Care Assistant. I am starting my Veterinary Nursing Apprenticeship in January. 

I am glad to be part of such a hard working team and cannot wait to further my career. My favourite dogs are Border Collies and Dachshunds.

Julie V4P Rustington.png


Animal Nursing Assistant

I joined my Vets4Pets family back in February 2015. I started a college course that year and gained my certificate as an Animal Nursing Assistant. 

I am also a qualified dog groomer, Level 3, so you may see me in nurse appointments clipping claws or to untangle the odd matt! 

Beyond that I am a wife, mum to one human and many fur babies.

Christine V4P Rustington.png


Receptionist & Client Service Manager

I have been working at Vets4Pets Rustington since 2009, starting as a receptionist and now in the position of Client Service Manager. 

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling.



I love to work with animals and care for them; I have a dog called Maddy, a Lion Head rabbit called Simba and a cat called Chester of my own and love them dearly.

Chloe Osborne.jpg



I've recently become part of the Vets4Pets team and really enjoy working with these amazing people. 

I have three beautiful dogs, two cats, a hedgehog and a horse who I spend time with outside the surgery. 

When I'm not with animals in either at the gym or shopping. I hope to have a long career with my Vets4Pets family.

Imogen Yates.jpg



I started at Vets4Pets 2 years ago, as the weekend receptionist. 

I hope to begin working as a veterinary care assistant in the near future with this possibly leading onto beginning my veterinary nursing training. 

I have several pets of my own and recently adopted another a stray kitten, Dolly, and I've completely fallen in love with her. 

In addition, I have three other cats, two elderly dogs and one guinea pig. Although it's hard work looking after them all, they are all most definitely worth it.

Jenna Jones.jpg



I have been working as a receptionist since joining Vets4Pets in 2016. 

In my spare time I enjoy seeing friends and family.



I have been working at Vets4Pets on reception for only a short period of time, however it has taught me many new things and has been an excellent opportunity and experience already. Everyone here is so lovely and I enjoy working with the whole team every weekend. I have two adorable dogs who I love to pieces and 2 very friendly cats.

Stacey V4P Rustington.png


Kennel Assistant

I have been working for Vets4Pets since 2006. I have a real passion for animals. In my free time I like spending time with my husband and family, listening to music, watching films and going on walks taking a nice picnic along! I really like meeting new people all the time.

Fosca V4P Rustington.png


Practice mascot!

I was brought to the surgery with a broken leg and quickly adopted by the surgery. My speciality is looking cute and helping all the staff to cope with the stress of the day by petting me. I also have an special interested in letting all the inpatients know how good these guys are. After all, they mended my leg!