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Cat advice: how to deal with fleas on your pet

The best way to tackle your cat’s fleas is to think ahead

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Scratch that itch

If you have a cat, the chances are that they have been home to the odd flea from time to time. If your cat is scratching frequently, it’s a dead giveaway that fleas are making themselves at home in its fur. Although it is a common complaint, a flea infestation is difficult to deal with so the best thing to do is take preventative action!

What are fleas?

Fleas are small parasites that feed on the blood of pets such as cats and dogs. They will cause your cat to scratch more often, which can be uncomfortable for the animal, but they can also cause allergic reactions, spread diseases and become a real problem in the home. They may bite humans too, and even lead to your pet picking up other parasites such as tapeworms.

How to spot them

If your cat is scratching itself a lot, it’s a clear sign that it could be suffering from fleas. When your cat is settled on your knee, have a good look through its fur. If you can see tiny dark specks in its coat, these are flakes of dried blood which indicate the presence of fleas. You may even see the parasites disappearing into the fur as you search for them.

Treating fleas

A severe flea infestation can cause a major problem in your home, as you will start to find them in your carpets and furniture as well as on your pet. Regular preventative treatments are the best way to keep them at bay. There are a few options, including easy-to-apply treatments that you drop onto your cat’s neck, but check with Vets4Pets first to find out which is best for your pet.