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How To Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

Read our top tips for keeping your cat safe this Christmas.

Cats are curious creatures, so it's no wonder that some are fascinated when we start to decorate our homes with Christmas trees and sparkly decorations. Read our top tips for how to cat proof your Christmas tree this year, to avoid any "cat-astrophes"!

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10 Top Tips for a Cat Safe Christmas Tree

  1. Set up the Christmas tree a few days before decorating it so that your cat has a chance to get used to the tree in the house before you decorate it.
  2. Consider a fake tree over a real one. If you do go for a real tree, then cover the water so they don’t drink from it.
  3. Make sure your Christmas tree has a heavy stand and consider securing the top of the tree to the ceiling with wire to prevent it from falling over.
  4. Cats will play with anything, so it's best to avoid hanging jingly decorations and tinsel on the lower branches.

  5. Use ornaments which you can tie securely to the tree, ideally without little metal hooks which can hurt your pet’s mouth if they chew them.

  6. Place lights towards the centre so that they’re less accessible and make sure they’re switched off when you’re not around.
  7. Most cats dislike the sensation of tinfoil on their claws so try wrapping a layer of tinfoil around the base to make it a cat safe Christmas tree.
  8. Avoid fake snow as it may contain harmful chemicals.
  9. Don’t leave anything edible under the tree, your pet will sniff it out, even if it's wrapped!
  10. Put a fire guard or extendable baby gate around the Christmas tree or another option is to get a tree container that has a built-in cover.

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