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Leaving your dog behind when you go on holiday

Dogs like company, and a mainstay of care is to find an arrangement where they will still get enough walks, care and attention.

If you can find a trusted friend, neighbour or family member, or a professional house sitter, to look after your dog in their normal environment while you are away, this is a great option.

If that doesn’t work out, there are still options. Pets at Home work with Tailster who can connect you up with over 30,000 approved, vetted carers. All you need to do is tell them when you’re going and what your pet needs and then local sitters who can help will come forward to you.

It’s important that you meet them before confirming the booking to ensure they get approval from both you and your pet for total peace of mind. The price can vary depending on the needs of your pet, but you can get started with no obligation today by clicking here and you’ll also get £10 off your first booking!

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A popular alternative to at-home care is kennels, where dogs are looked after 24/7. This can be stressful for dogs who are not used to it, as there is often lot of noise and new smells, so getting them used to it from a young age if possible is preferable.

Tips for putting your dog in a kennels

A good kennel should have no problem with you visiting ahead of time to see where they keep the dogs, and ask questions about their daily routines.

Check the dogs seem content, although expect some barking when you visit, and go with your instinct about if you feel your dog would be happy there.

Good questions to ask include asking if they feed each dog their own food, if they are happy giving medication if necessary and how often the dogs are walked. 

Recommendation can be a great way to find a kennel, your vet may be able to help, and there are a wealth of review sites online. Don't forget what suits one dog may not suit another, so make sure to assess a kennel from the point of view of your own needs.

You will need to provide evidence that your dog has been vaccinated, as well as details of your vet, and emergency contact details.

It is also worth leaving information on your dog's likes and dislikes, think about their favourite toys and treats, as well as any problems they may have with other dogs, or lead walking. The more information your kennels has, the better they can help your dog settle in.

In the age of social media, some kennels will post daily updates on their current residents, so you can check up on your pet while you are away.


If you have more than one dog, they will likely be best housed together. Make sure the kennels knows that you will be bringing multiple dogs, and check that larger pens are provided for multiple boarders.

The more familiar your dog is with their surroundings, the happier they will be. Taking their own bedding, toys and food will help keep your dog feeling secure. Using their own food will also help keep their tummy settled.

Health Plans to keep your dog healthy

At Vets4Pets we offer a range of Health Plans that make essential routine treatments more affordable. You'll save money on things like annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and routine health check-ups.

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