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Dog advice: protecting your pet from worms

A worm infestation can be a real danger to your dog

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It's what's inside that counts

Dogs can easily pick up parasitic worms from their everyday environment. The worms can begin to grow and multiply inside your dog – in its gut or even its lung – causing a range of symptoms from sickness through to a weakened immune system and even death. If you’re worried your dog may have worms, get in touch with Vets4Pets for advice.

The worms

There are a few different worms that can make a dog’s life misery. They include roundworms (which can also infect people, especially children), tapeworms (which are usually carried by fleas), and lungworms, which are carried by slugs and snails. Our treatments protect against all these parasites, along with whipworm and heartworm.


A healthy dog may have a few worms without you ever being aware of it. However, if you notice symptoms such as sickness, diarrhoea, weight loss, breathing difficulties, tiredness or poor appetite, contact Vets4Pets as soon as you can.


Regular treatment is the best way to get rid of worms before they get chance to multiply and cause real trouble. Adult dogs should be treated every three months to help keep them clear. There are a few different treatment options so speak to Vets4Pets to find out which is right for your dog. We can also weigh your pet to make sure you are giving the right dose.