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Your Dog Travel Guide

Whether it's a staycation, a day out, or a holiday abroad, we've packed all of the information that you need in one place to prepare your dog for travelling.

Your dog travel guide

Travelling with your dog

If you’re planning a trip with your dog, there are a few things that you can do to make sure your pet stays safe, happy and healthy.

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Car travel with your dog

Does your dog travel in the car with you? Read our top tips on keeping your dog safe whilst travelling.

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Restraining your dog in the car

We'll show you how to restrain your dog in accordance with The Highway Code.

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Getting puppies used to the car

Car travel can be really difficult so how do you keep your dog happy in the car? And what do you do if they don’t like life on the road?

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Car sickness in dogs

Did you know that dogs can get car sick too? We'll show you how to look out for signs of travel sickness and what to do.

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Dog heartworm advice & care

Heartworms are thankfully not found in the UK but are a serious risk for dogs that travel abroad.

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The Pet Care Show with Clare Balding

How to travel with your cat or dog

Pet Travel to EU Countries and Northern Ireland

Advice on travelling with your dog, cat or ferret to EU Countries and NI

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Summer advice for pets

Are you planning on doing a lot of travelling with your pet this summer? Find summer advice for dogs, cats and rabbits on our Summer Advice for Pets page.

Read more expert pet advice

From healthy diets to preventing fleas, find free and helpful pet health and training advice to care for your pet.