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Pet Nutrition & Obesity

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A healthy diet for your pet

The nutrition in the food we give our pets support every part of their bodies, allows them to grow and develop, and can even support management of many health conditions. Explore our expert nutrition advice, to keep your pets happy and healthy throughout their lives.
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Body condition scoring for pets

Just like people, dogs, cats and rabbits come in all shapes and sizes, and weight alone is not a good measure to see if your pet is healthy. Body condition scoring is a system developed by vets to help you assess if your dog, cat or rabbit is the correct weight.
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How being overweight affects your pet

Did you know overweight and obese pets are more susceptible to a range of associated medical conditions, including osteoarthritis and certain types of cancer? Obese pets typically have a lower quality of life and die younger than healthy-weight pets.
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Dog agility is great fun for both you and your dog , plus it’ll also keep your canine pal physically fit and mentally sharp!

Getting physical with dog agility

The right exercise for your puppy

Puppies have a lot of energy! It could be tempting to try to tire them out by running around and playing with them until they’re tired and needing a nap, but did you know that you can overdo it and exercise puppies more than is good for them?
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