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Exercising Your Rabbit

It’s essential to keep your pet physically and mentally active.

A healthy rabbit doesn’t just sit in their house or hutch watching the world go by. It may be a domestic pet, but you need to think about what rabbits do in the wild, and help them mimic some of that behaviour by creating an environment in which they can let their natural instincts run free. Let your bunny dig, tunnel and climb, and it will be a happier pet!

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Use thick cardboard poster tubes or other robust cylinders to give your rabbit some tunnelling fun, though make sure they’re wide enough for your pet. Give them a tree stump to play on, and they’ll be able to climb up and watch the world from on high.

Rabbits love to hide, so create a den using old cardboard boxes with any staples and sellotape removed. You could even hide treats or other morsels of food inside the box so your rabbit has to hunt it down before they can eat it. A planter filled with earth makes a great digging box for your rabbit. That way they can burrow away to their heart’s content.

Instead of putting all your pet’s food in one place, leave it in a few different locations around the living space so that it gets some exercise while it eats. Cat treat balls can add interest and make your rabbit work harder for their food, while wrapping portions in brown parcel paper means that it takes a little more effort to eat.

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