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Caring For Your Mouse

They may be small, but mice make rewarding pets for the whole family

Add a mouse to your house and you should be in for lots of fun. These cute rodents make perfect family pets as long as you give them the care and attention that they need, along with a good diet and warm, dry environment.

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More about caring for your mouse

A wire cage with a plastic base is a good home for a mouse, but you could also choose a glass or plastic tank if you prefer. Avoid wooden cages as they are likely to become rather smelly. It also makes sense to keep females, as male mice can be aggressive, plus they have a stronger smell.
Just because mice in cartoons love cheese, don’t be tempted to give it to your pet – or any other dairy product for that matter. Instead, provide a commercial mouse food mix topped up with very small portions of carrot and apple and the occasional sprinkling of sunflower seeds. Also make sure your mouse can access clean drinking water from a bottle at all times of the day and night.
Mice are great climbers so give them plenty of places to explore. Put a branch from a fruit tree in your pet’s cage and it will have fun clambering around. Cardboard tubes make great tunnels, while lengths of suspended rope give your mouse even more climbing opportunities.