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How to train your cat

Many people presume that cats can’t be trained—they are famously independent, after all! But, surprisingly, felines love to learn. Here are a few tips.

Did you know that dogs aren’t the only furry friends who enjoy being trained? Cats love to spend quality time with their humans, too!

Just as kittens love playtime, grown-up cats like nothing more than to hunt fluffy toys, chase around ping pong balls, or even tackle an obstacle course.

All cats have their own (often very strong!) personalities. One thing they do have in common, though, is the strong behavioural need to hunt.

So, if you want to give your cat some physical exercise and mental stimulation, a hunting game is perfect! This is even more beneficial for indoor cats, who rarely get the chance to hunt for real.

Here’s an idea for a simple, fun game with your kitty:

1 Place a blanket or duvet on the floor and tie a string onto a cat toy.

2 Get your cat’s attention, then hide the toy under the blanket and jerk the string to move the toy around.

3 Your cat will have a great time pouncing on the toy—they might even decide to go burrowing under the blanket to try and catch it!

Cats can even learn to do agility!

Thanks to their athleticism and intelligence, cats can be taught how to negotiate obstacles like tunnels and ramps. It takes time, but it’s really rewarding for both you and your cat.

So why not get into training with your cat? It’s as simple as working out their favourite type of reward, getting out the toys, and getting the playing started!

Mastered the basic commands? Let’s keep going!

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