All footage was filmed pre-COVID-19.

Can you train small furries?

They might not be so good at playing fetch or rolling over on demand, but small furry pets are actually very trainable.

If you own a small furry pet, you might not think that they’re particularly trainable. Well, think again! While many small furries don’t particularly enjoy being picked up or fussed, they love being given tasks or puzzles to solve.

Want an example? How about building a maze for your small pet. Get some old cardboard boxes and tubes, and get DIYing. Just remember not to leave your little treasure unattended at any time.

If your pet doesn’t like being handled, why not create some pet-friendly scenes and have yourself a photo session? It’s a fun way to spend time with your small furry, without causing them distress or discomfort.

Mastered the basic commands? Let’s keep going!