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Want to try trick training?

Learning tricks with your dog is a fun, rewarding activity for both of you. And it’s easier to get into than you might think. Read on to find out more.

There’s no doubt about it: learning with your dog is truly enjoyable. But if you want to go for pure, unadulterated fun, then why not get into trick training?

Trick training uses reward-based methods to encourage your dog to repeat fun behaviour like rolling over, twirling around and even helping you in the house – did you know that you can teach your dog the names of all their different toys?

The basics of trick training

Trick training is all about finding ways to get your dog to perform an action and rewarding immediately when you see something you want to encourage. Watch your dog as they go about their day and if you see something you think could turn into a cool trick, give your signal for 'correct!' and reward. Your dog will think about what it was they did to make you pay them and try to make it happen again.

Want to teach your dog to weave through your legs? Go for it! Always fancied getting your pup to pull a blanket over themselves? Now's your chance!

The benefits of trick training

The biggest benefit of trick training is the wonders it will do for your relationship with your dog. There really is nothing quite like training for something unique and personal to you to improve that bond.

Beyond that, trick training is great for your dog’s mental wellbeing. The stimulation provided by learning new tricks can put your dog in a better mood, improve their behaviour, and lead to better overall wellbeing.

Any breed will do!

Trick training isn’t limited to particular breeds

Your dog’s behaviour and physical make-up can make a difference. For example, collies are sharp, trainable, and athletic so they could be ready for more complex tricks quite quickly.

That said, dogs of any breed can get tons of enjoyment out of trick training—as long as both you and your dog enjoy it, their size and shape won’t matter.

From simple tricks to crazy stunts

So, we’ve talked about the ideal beginner’s tricks, like playing dead, walking through the legs, and rolling over. But how do you take it to the next level?

For inspiration, why not check out trick training on YouTube. You can often break down what look like really complex tricks into a few more basic ones and then string them together. Sounds daunting, but you can get there with practice!

If you’re interested in investigating further, many professional dog trainers and clubs offer trick training.

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