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Best Start in Life starter pack

Just £85

For the best start they can have in life

At Vets4Pets we understand how much you have to think about when you have a new puppy or kitten. Our Best Start in Life starter pack includes everything they'll need from a veterinary perspective to grow up happy and healthy, from a microchip to their first vaccinations.

Please note: Best Start in Life is only available at participating surgeries. Please check with your local surgery before booking an appointment.

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What's included?

The Best Start in Life package is just £85 and includes:
  • First vaccination course

  • Kennel cough vaccine for puppies

  • 3 months’ worth of flea and worm treatment

  • Microchip

  • A bag of food for your puppy or kitten

  • 10% discount off neutering

  • Voucher for 10% off at Pets at Home (VIP members only)

  • Voucher for 25% off at The Groom Room (VIP members only)

  • Optional 4 weeks free insurance*

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Terms and conditions

*Insurer’s terms and conditions apply in respect of 4 weeks free insurance.