Complete Care Plus Health Plan

Our most comprehensive plan for dogs and cats

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For dogs

We're all for dapper dogs. So our Complete Care Plus health plan* gives owners everything they need to protect their furry friend and keep costs down. The plan provides essential routine healthcare, advanced screenings and regular check-ins with our expert veterinary team.

Monthly prices

Small Dog <25kg £23.00
Large Dog >25kg £28.00

Please note: Complete Care is only available at participating Practices, please check before booking an appointment.

Get all these essentials covered:

  • Annual booster vaccinations^ including infectious tracheobronchitis (also known as kennel cough) and a health check with your vet
  • Year round, vet prescribed protection against fleas, lungworm and intestinal worms, plus ticks if required
  • Three additional consultations with your vet
  • Six consultations with a nurse, including weight checks and routine nail clips
  • One annual general health & wellness blood screen
  • Two advanced urine screens
  • Two dry eye screens to test your dog's tear production
  • Access to the premium Complete Care 24/7 Vet Careline
  • We'll send you handy reminders when your dog's annual vaccinations are due and when to administer their parasite treatments

Plus these extra benefits:

  • £30 off neutering
  • £40 off dental scale and polish
  • One additional general health & wellness annual blood screen for just £45
  • Microchip for £10 (if required)


Our health plans make your pet's preventative health care simple, understandable and part of a routine. They reduce the potential for missed treatments and ensures your pet is as well protected as possible against the most common preventable conditions.

Our health plans provide you with a clear and structured plan to ensure you are giving your pet the best possible care.

Yes, you need both. You can think of it like this: health plans, like Complete Care, cover all the planned, preventative healthcare needs of your dog, whilst pet insurance is there to cover the unforeseen events in their life.

Complete Care Junior has been created for puppies and kittens nine months old or under and covers the specific veterinary care they need throughout their junior stage. At the end of this plan, pets will continue their journey with us onto Complete Care which covers their ongoing preventative healthcare.

Complete Care Plus is a more comprehensive plan specifically tailored to dogs or cats who may require more care. This plan has additional diagnostic testing and more frequent touchpoints with vets and vet nurses.

Our health plan prices can vary by pet type, pet weight and life stage and are adapted to best meet the needs of your dog, cat or rabbit.

Depending on the health plan, there are different payment options varying from one-off annual feels to monthly payments.

Your local Vets for Pets team will be able to talk you through the most suitable option for you.

Additional information

Terms and conditions apply

Promoted by Companion Care (Services) Limited, Epsom Avenue, SK9 3RN. Terms and conditions including exclusions apply to all plans and benefits. Prices correct as of 28 June 2023.

†Saving has been calculated based on the average cost of a Complete Care health plan for a dog or cat available within the Pets at Home Vet Group as of 28 June 2023. Saving represents the average annual saving which may be achieved in each year of the plan as compared to buying the same treatments/services individually within the Pets at Home Vet Group. Saving based upon the assumption that all benefits under the plan are used in each annual period. Saving may vary from the figure advertised depending upon the weight and species of your pet.


^£20 supplement payable if primary/restart course required.

In relation to the core components and benefits available as part of the Complete Care health plan, please find a link below to a list of inclusions and exclusions within this plan.

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Get expert veterinary advice 24/7

As part of your plan, you can phone the Complete Care 24/7 Vet Careline and get expert advice day or night. It's a great way to get reassuring support without even leaving your home.