Vets4Pets Northampton Hospital

We are very excited that Vets4Pets Northampton Hospital has moved into a fantastic much larger, fully equipped hospital - located on Beckett Retail Park, St James' Mill Road. 

You will find our same dedicated team and caring practice owners you already know from our previous site hospital. Whilst we've only moved 500 metres away, our new hospital is much larger, purpose-built and state-of-the-art, allowing us to further increase our services and care for the pets of Northampton. 

As always, we have team members on site 24/7, providing our own in-patient hospital service to pets who have to stay in overnight or over several days.

Moving October 2022


Our extended services include:

24hr patient care

We're never closed and have team members on site 24/7 if your pet needs emergency care or to stay with us overnight. 

Radiography including dental x-rays

Digital X ray equipment is available, including dental X-ray. Unlike humans, dogs and cats need to be under general anesthesia for dental X-rays. Anesthesia is considered to be a safe procedure and will be performed after a general examination. It is tailored to the individual and your pet is continuously monitored during the dental exam.

Advanced ultrasound imaging

Generates 2-D moving images of your pet’s internal organs at work.

Intensive care unit

Intensive care for pets who are critically ill.

Advanced orthopaedic surgery

Surgery of joints and bones.


Open 7 days a week

We are always here for your pets.




Looking after our environment is really important at Vets4Pets Northampton Hospital and we are taking several steps to improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint, including

  • The main contribution to a veterinary practice's carbon footprint is anaesthetic gases. We've installed a Humphrey ADE systems throughout our new hospital, allowing low flow anaesthesia and reducing wasted gas
  • We've installed an on-site oxygen generator which allows us to stop having twice weekly oxygen deliveries
  • We are moving towards being paper free within 12 months
  • We use cloth drapes in theatres instead of disposable
  • We use eco friendly, refillable soap and cleaning products, and bamboo toilet paper 

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