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A trip to the vet

We’re committed to keeping you and our colleagues protected, please be respectful and considerate to each other.

We’re committed to keeping you and our colleagues protected

We’re here for you and your pet. We’re committed to keeping you and our colleagues protected and we have adapted our services, making it easier to care for your pet.

Please contact your local practice team to discuss your pet care needs during this time and we will explain what to expect at your visit. 

Please note: Due to close proximity, please wear a face covering unless medically exempt. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland it is still a legal requirement.

Contact your practice

Let’s keep working together to stay safe

  • Ideally only one person per pet when visiting
  • Please continue to respect social distancings
  • Please use hand sanitiser available

  • Due to close proximity, please wear a face covering unless medically exempt
  • PPE continues to be worn by our clinical teams
  • We continue to clean to medical grade standard multiple times daily

Our services make it easier to care for your pet

  • Video and telephone consultations
  • Safe delivery of medication to your car or home

A guide to help you plan your visit

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Useful articles

Helpful advice to help you care for your pets at home at this time

Preparing your dog for a change in routine

Dogs, in particular, are really social animals and most of them thrive on company. So, when they are suddenly back to being left alone for longer periods, some of them might find this really challenging and you may see signs of anxiety or boredom.

dog sitting training

How a change in routine can affect cats

Lots of pets find predictability keeps their stress levels low. So, for pets who have had to adapt to big changes within their home and family, this can be a time of increased anxiety.
cat on sofa

How to help dogs get over separation anxiety

While the tight bond between owners and dogs is remarkable, it can come with problems – dogs are not naturals at being left alone, and can struggle if they are not taught to cope with some short periods by themselves.

Puppy Behaviour - Jan 212

Helping your pet cope in groups of people

While some pets love a party, many find the noise, excitement and number of faces overwhelming. Checking everyone is having a good time, including our furry family members, makes for the perfect party so have a look at our top tips for keeping everyone happy.

dog watching tv

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