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Brexit and Pet Travel

Can my pet still travel on their Pet Passport after 31st January 2020?

The UK has entered a transition period until 31st December 2020 following withdrawal from the EU and this has implications on how you can travel with your pet to Europe.

Up to 31st December 2020 your pet can travel on their existing UK Issued Pet Passport, and your vet is able to issue new passports to those pets that have not travelled previously.

Beyond 31st December 2020 there is no final agreement as to what will be necessary but current advice is that UK Issued Pet Passports will no longer be valid. Those wishing to travel after this date may be required start the process 4 months in advance of travel, following the rabies vaccination and blood test protocol. There is no further information available at this present time as to whether or not this might change. We are advising that you contact your local vet to discuss the best option for your pets and monitor the websites here:

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