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Preparing for a new puppy | pet advice
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Dog advice: getting ready for your new puppy

Bringing home a puppy is always exciting, but be prepared!

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Are you ready?

If you’ve decided to get a puppy… congratulations! You have lots of fun times ahead of you, but it’s worth making sure that your home is ready to receive its new resident before it actually arrives. Puppies can be nervous, scared, excitable or full of energy – or all these things – so it’s important to try and minimise damage and maximise your new pet’s happiness.

Choose a name

Getting a new puppy used to its name is one of the very first things you need to do. It makes sense to choose a name before your pet arrives, as that way, you can start using it as soon as it enters your house. A puppy with no name is likely to get confused as it gets called a host of different things!

Take your time

Very young puppies need a lot of attention, particularly once they are no longer with their mother and litter. It can sometimes be tricky giving them the time they need as busy lives are always getting in the way, so you could consider booking some time off work to help your puppy get settled.

Book a health check

At Vets4Pets, we love helping to give puppies a healthy start in life, and an early visit to the vet can be good both for the animal and for you. It gives us a chance to check your pet over, give you lots of handy hints and tips, plan its first vaccinations, and allow you to ask any questions about raising a happy, healthy dog.