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Giving your pet the best start in life begins with getting the best expert advice

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We know that becoming a new pet parent can be an overwhelming, yet rewarding time. That's why, here at Vets4Pets, we want to give you the best expert advice to ensure your puppy or kitten has the best start in life. 

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Puppy and kitten vaccinations

Vaccination is a simple
procedure, which gives
your pet protection
against some of the
deadliest diseases.

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As well as preventing
reproduction, neutering
has health benefits is a
key part of ensuring
your pet has a healthy,
happy life. 

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Microchipping greatly increases
the chances that a lost pet 
will be reunited safely with
their owner. There is a legal
requirement to microchip
your dog, but did you know
that it's a good idea to
microchip your cat too?

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What to feed
your puppy
or kitten?

Just like in human health,
the nutrition in the food
we give our pets allows
them to grow and develop.

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lead training

Lead training
your puppy

Puppies have very short
attention spans, so try to
introduce training for no
longer than 5-10 minutes
at a time! 

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parasite protection

Protecting your 
pet from parasites

Parasites such as fleas, ticks, 
worms, mites and lice can 
all live on or in our 
puppies and kittens. 

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safe play

Safe play with

When there’s a new puppy
in the house, everyone wants
to be part of the fun! Importantly
though, everyone also needs to
know how to keep play fun and safe.

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bringing your kitten home

Bringing your kitten home

Making sure that everyone
knows the best way to make
your newest ball of fluff feel
welcome and safe, will help
your new kitten be a part
of the family straight away.

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how to choose your puppy

Choosing the
right puppy

Are you looking for a
dog that loves adventure
or a quiet companion who
will while away the days with you? 

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litter training

Litter training 
your kitten

Kittens often learn to use 
a litter tray by watching 
their mum.  However, if you 
have an untrained kitten, 
you may need to provide 
a little help.

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Training Your Puppy To Sit_Puppy Panel.jpg

dog training top tips

Dog training
top tips

Follow our top tips and
your puppy will soon be
following your cues as if
it’s the most natural
thing in the world.

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letting your kitten outside

When should you let your kitten outside?

Knowing when and how to
let your kitten outside can
help you have peace of
mind as you introduce
your little bundle to the
big wide world!

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