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Saxondale Court
Leen Drive (Off Hucknall Lane)

Telephone: 0115 951 9166

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Vets Now Nottingham
Dunkirk Road

Telephone: 01159 789143

Standard consultations before 11pm start from £154.5. Standard consultations after 11pm start from £199.

Meet the team

Janet Smith and Clare Vitale

Clare Vitale

Practice Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

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What is your favourite animal and why? Cats What pets do you have and what are their names? Cats- Spider and Charlie Dogs- Daisey fish- Molly, bruce, daz, jaffa, pleck, red, gold sisters etc What is your favourite famous animal? Bag Puss What's the best aspect of working for Vets4Pets? Building a team, and caring for animals at a high level
Janet Smith and Clare Vitale

Janet Smith

Practice Owner & Veterinary Nurse

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What is your favourite animal and why? This is a difficult one, but I would have to say Hippo. They are big and graceful! What pets do you have and what are their names? I have a pug called Hector. What is your favourite famous animal? Lassie What's the best aspect of working for Vets4Pets? Being my own boss

Laura Graham

Veterinary Nurse

Jenna Glover

Veterinary Nurse



Read Mel bio

Hi, my name is Mel and I have been at Bulwell since June 2017. I have 4 dogs, Wilson (Boxer), Arthur (French Bulldog) and Maisie and Millie (British Bulldogs). Outside of work I spend most of my time walking the dogs and attempting to teach them to behave. I love meeting all the new pets that come in as well as the golden oldies.



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What is your favourite animal and why? Dolphin - because they are highly intelligent What pets do you have and what are their names? Zack - Staffie Ziggy - Boxer Zarr - Staffie Zeb - Cat Zena - Leapard gecko Jacko - African grey What's the best pet name that you've ever come across? Doris What is your favourite famous animal? Lassie





Vets4Pets Bulwell is committed to bringing you affordable, high quality care via a modern, well equipped practice, including a lab, pharmacy, digital x-ray and ultrasound. Plus, on site car parking too!

The friendly team can't wait to meet all of their new clients!



  • Emergency cover
    Even if we are closed, we have your pet covered.
  • Orthopaedics
    Surgery of joints and bones.
  • Operating Theatre
    An operating theatre with gaseous anaesthetic facility for surgical procedures.
  • Digital X-Ray
    Digital X ray equipment is available.

Show more services

  • Isolation Unit
    A special ward to care for animals with contagious diseases.
  • Endoscopy
    An endoscope is a long tube connected to a light source and video camera that sends real time images to a television screen for viewing. Endoscopy is the use of an endoscope within internal structures and organs of the body. The endoscope can be inserted through natural openings such as the mouth, nose or rectum to reach the structure of interest.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
    Used to measure the range of blood pressure as a preventative treatment to identify early signs of systemic hypertension.
  • ECG
    ECG is also available to keep your pet's heart healthy.
  • Ultrasound
    Generates 2-D moving images of your pet’s internal organs at work.
  • Biochemistry
    Allows an assessment of the functionality of a patients organs.
  • Haematology
    Allows the assessment of a patient's blood and blood cells.
  • Electrolyte
    Enables the assessment of critical blood chemicals such as sodium and potassium.
  • In-house Laboratory
    A range of analytical tests and equipment to assist in the rapid diagnosis of illness.
  • Dental X-Ray
    Unlike humans, dogs need to be under general anesthesia for dental X-rays. Anesthesia is considered to be a safe procedure and will be performed after a general examination. It is tailored to the individual and your dog is continuously monitored during the dental exam.
  • Cat and Dog Hospital Ward
    There are separate wards for cats and dogs providing good hygiene environment.
  • Dentistry
    The treatment of diseases and other conditions that affect the teeth and gums, especially the repair and extraction of teeth and the insertion of artificial ones.

Health Plans

Health Plan

Complete Care

From £8 a month
Spread the cost of preventative healthcare and save money
Complete Care

Health Plan

Complete Care Senior

From £17
A complete care plan for your 7+ year old pet's continued good health
senior dog outside in sun

Starter pack protection

Best Start in Life

Our Best Start in Life starter pack includes everything they'll need from a veterinary perspective to grow up happy and healthy, from a microchip to their first vaccinations.

Health Plans

Flea & Worm Pack

Protect your pet and your pocket!
dog in field

Health Plan


Just £99
Vac4Life is a preventative plan following primary vaccinations

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