Vets in Nottingham

If you’re in need of expert yet affordable care for you pets in Nottingham, you’re in luck. We have seven Vets4Pets practices in the area, from Bulwell and Beeston to Clifton and Chilwell, so why not pop into your nearest next time your beloved pet is poorly? All seven of our vets in Nottingham have years of experience of treating animals, from cats and dogs through to smaller pets and reptiles. Our surgeries are all modern, state of the art facilities staffed by professional and friendly people with a passion for animals. Whether your pet just needs a routine check-up or has a more serious health complaint, our teams of veterinarians, nurses and assistants in our Nottingham vet practices will be able to provide them with comprehensive care. As well as consultation rooms, our surgeries are also fitted with labs, operating theatres, x-ray machines and hospital wards so we can help heal your beloved animals efficiently and in a sterile environment.